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Residents Fearful of Theft Spree

Some residents in the Tres Robles Apartment Complex in Canyon Country are starting to feel like they are a part of crime spree. It seems as if someone has been breaking in to cars there an awful lot. 3 last night, and one resident claims that 19 cars have been broken into this month alone.

KHTS was unable to confirm that number with the Sheriff’s Dept.

“They broke into my car. Stole 2 bowling bags and a GPS unit,” said resident Daryl James.

The suspects, according to James, are six males, who patrol the streets looking for targets.

“My neighbor saw them. They split into two groups of three and were looking in cars.”

The Sheriff’s Department is investigating, and residents near the intersection of River Circle and Nugget are advised to keep an eye out for suspicious activity.

Jon Dell

KHTS AM 1220


Residents Fearful of Theft Spree

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