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Richman Earns Top Republican Leaders Endorsements

Assemblyman Keith Richman’s campaign for Treasurer is going great.  He just received the endorsements of Assembly Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy and Senate Republican Leader Dick Ackerman. 

Richman says, "I am pleased that my efforts to make state government more fiscally responsible and accountable to voters have earned the endorsement of the legislature’s top Republican leaders.  Assemblyman McCarthy and Senator Ackerman guide our Republican efforts to protect taxpayers, improve our economic climate and reduce government waste.  I am honored to have them join my campaign for a better California future."

The endorsements of Republican Leaders Ackerman and McCarthy are especially important because they are widely known in the key Republican battle grounds of Orange County and the Central Valley.  Richman also has the support of about two dozen Republican legislators representing every wing of the party and every part of the state.  You can see a long list of endorsements by Republican officials, activists and volunteers at

Richman also said, "This week, Governor Schwarzenegger unveiled the state budget and as always, Republicans will need to battle against the spendthrift Democrat legislators who do not share our fiscally responsible values.  As State Treasurer, I would serve as the taxpayers’ voice for responsible budgets and prudent public investments.  We need to get California back on track to a brighter, more prosperous future."

Richman Earns Top Republican Leaders Endorsements

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