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Students Go Medieval

  It was perfectly medieval at the North Park Christian Academy on Thursday. And that’s not a bad thing. The entire school was decked out in medieval costumes including the fourth-graders who stood at job stations from that period making bread, fashioning horse shoes, doing magic tricks and acting the jester. It was a day anticipated since September. Fourth-grade teacher Peter Dashnaw has taken his students through the Middle Ages, and Thursday’s all-day festivities was the culmination of that period. It was the fourth-graders’ event, but the entire school joined in. To reinforce what they had learned, fourth-graders wearing period costumes learned enough about the various trades of the time that they could speak convincingly of how they did their jobs. Daisey Hollenbeck explained how she makes stained glass out of hot metal and dye for the nobility and clerics who are her customers. Patch Kulp, a medieval magician, stuck a pen through a dollar bill and yet, there was no hole after he pulled the pen away. Elliot Miller was a candle maker dipping a wick of paraffin into a vast pot of bees’ wax.

  James Almeida was a book binder and printer as he stood beside a medieval machine. Giovanni Bonaventura, wearing a red, yellow and green jester’s outfit, juggled balls. His father, Tony Bonaventura, owns Rock Solid Rentals of Valencia, a prop company responsible for the majority of the props for the day. The five-year-old school includes kindergarten through sixth grade. It will add grades each year until 12 grades are reached, Dashnaw said. It is an Evangelical Bible school on the grounds of North Park Christian Academy, but students attend 25 different churches. It uses a three-part model in which learning comes in phases: Grammar phase goes through sixth grade, logic phase occurs in sixth and seventh grades and the rhetoric phase in ninth through 12th grades. Next in the curriculum: the Renaissance artists.

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Students Go Medieval

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