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Trees Reported Vandalized – City Planning Removal

Canyon Country residents might have taken matters into their own hands to get rid of several street-side pine trees, a city official said this week. City Spokeswoman Gail Ortiz said six pine trees on Shadow Pines Boulevard near Soledad Canyon Road were vandalized and must be removed.  “They are in the process of dying,” she said Tuesday. “Our Guess is somebody didn’t want those trees (around).” Someone chopped the bark off the lower portion of the trees recently, Ortiz said, attracting bark beetles and hastening the trees’ death. Some 35 years old, the trees range between 40 and 60 feet tall and have diameters ranging from 18 to 22 inches. Ortiz said it will cost the city approximately $4,000 to chop the trees down and to grind them up, with the smaller pieces being recycled as ground mulch. The city’s arbor division is removing the trees this week. A report of vandalism has been filed with the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, Urban Forestry Supervisor Robert Sartain said, adding an investigation likely will go nowhere. “It’s kind of hard to find any clues,” he said, adding he has talked to residents on Shadow Pines, who said they did not observe or overhear the vandalism. Ortiz said it is likely replacements will be planted by the end of the year, though Sartain said they have not yet decided on what species of tree to plant.

This article can be found in Wednesday’s Signal Newspaper!

Trees Reported Vandalized – City Planning Removal

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