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On The Legal Line with Dennis Kennelly

Entertainment Law: Publishing Rights & More! – April 6, 2017

Hosts: Dennis Kennelly

Guests: Corey Field

Topic: Entertainment Law: Publishing Rights & More

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Mr. Kennelly tackles everyday issues facing employees, including severance packages, entering into labor agreements, discrimination, and termination warning signs, and rest/meal breaks and overtime pay.

As is the show’s usual practice, Dennis opens up by discussing the latest news around the country, including the Senate Republicans’ decision to deploy the so-called ‘nuclear option’ and thereby altering the longstanding method of nominating Supreme Court Justices.

Mr. Kennelly then welcomes Corey Field to the program. A widely regarded entertainment lawyer, legal writer, teacher, and scholar, Mr. Field begins by explaining how he navigated his career from being a graduate with a degree in music from UCSB to opening his own boutique law firm in Los Angeles.

Listen in as Mr. Field explains how up-and-coming artists can protect themselves and their work through copyright law.

As a former music publisher, Mr. Field handled the business side of song writing. From trying to convince recording artists to include the song on their next record or convincing a director to use it in his next film, music publishers are responsible for creating income for the artist.

About Mr. Kennelly

Dennis Kennelly has been practicing employment law for over 40 years in California. In his career he has represented both companies and individuals in a wide range of Employment Law issues. These range from gender and race discrimination to whistle-blowing and retaliation.

Mr. Kennelly’s style is creative. The vast majority of employment cases do not go all the way to a jury verdict. As such the art is setting the case in a position to settle at the terms most favorable to his clients. Mr. Kennelly’s ability to weave out of the box solutions into settlements has often created results that no one considered at the outset.

In his representation of Employees, Mr. Kennelly’s approach is pro-active. He encourages clients to involve him in problems early on so that he can guide them to solutions that minimize the likelihood of claims arising after the fact. Mr. Kennelly’s employer clients have never been sued after following his counsel.

Entertainment Law: Publishing Rights & More! – April 6, 2017

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