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2 Santa Clarita City Council Members Apologize For Ferry Attack

2 Santa Clarita City Council Members Apologize For Ferry Attack

After Santa Clarita City Councilman Frank Ferry verbally bashed frequent city critic Cam Noltemeyer at a City Council meeting last month, two City Council members apologized Tuesday.

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Ferry did not attend the meeting.

During Tuesday’s meeting, Noltemeyer demanded that Ferry’s “smear campaign” against her stop, mentioning a recognition the city of San Fernando gave her after her term on the City Council there.

Noltemeyer spoke during public comment session Oct. 23 to question whether the city was truly being transparent on its selection of a site for a recycling facility.

“I saw (the facility) on the consent calendar,” Noltemeyer said, referring to the agenda for the Oct 23 meeting. “I tried to find the staff report, and there’s no staff report there, and so where was this decision made?”

Noltemeyer left shortly after making her comments, but during a City Council discussion that followed, Ferry expressed his annoyance with the commenter whom Boydston himself later described as a regular “critic of the city.”

Ferry seemed more exasperated with Noltemeyer than her complaint and questions on waste disposal, describing her as a “toxic” presence who caused problems in San Fernando during her four-year term on that city’s governing board and accusing her of trying to bring these problems to Santa Clarita.

A back and forth between Ferry and Boydston ensued, one of several heated exchanges the two have shared, during their year-plus time together on the dais, in which Ferry criticezed Boydston for “propping up” Noltemeyer as some kind of “city savior,” while Boydston repeatedly called for a point of order.

A frustrated Mayor Bob Kellar said at least twice he would not interrupt Ferry.

“It has to be said,” Ferry added, as Boydston tried to regain control of the floor as Kellar asked Boydston to allow him to finish his comments.

“We have to shut her down,” Ferry said. “You put her as the god and the savior of the city,” Ferry said, pointing to Boydston. “No, you’re wrong.”

After seven public commenters chastised the City Council for allowing the insults to take place, Boydston and Kellar offered an apology to Noltemeyer.

While it was an awkward time for everyone on the dais and he didn’t agree with what Ferry was saying or doing, it wasn’t his place to interrupt, Kellar said.

“It was awkward for all of us here, I assure you,” Kellar said. “With that in mind, I as the mayor, will apologize to Cam Noltemeyer and I do mean that with sincerity. I do apologize for any discomfort she has experiences as a result of this.”

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2 Santa Clarita City Council Members Apologize For Ferry Attack

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