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6th Grader Wins Prince Caspian Contest

Walden books picks Bridgeport student’s essay about imagination.


When Bridgeport 6th grader Bailey James heard about an essay contest revolving around the new Chronicles of Narnia movie: Prince Caspian, he decided to get creative. The contest was put on by Walden Media, and it prompted students to write an essay describing who their “Dr. Cornelius” was.


In Prince Caspian, the young character is guided by Dr. Cornelius to his rightful spot as King of Narnia. As a mentor and tutor, the essay asked students to describe someone who has guided them, and helped them learn.


Bailey racked his brain before coming to the conclusion that one of his greatest companions in his young life has been his imagination itself.


In a live interview on KHTS Bailey described why he chose his imagination; “I wanted to do something that was out of the ordinary, “he said.  


Of course, his argument soon grew stronger as he delved into the boundless opportunity provided by his imagination. He pointed to the likes of Walt Disney and J.K Rowling for evidence of how powerful imagination can be. That lesson was driven home in his essay’s final sentence; “After All, Dr. Cornelius was imagined by one of the greatest imaginations the world has ever known, C.S. Lewis himself.”



To read Bailey’s essay in full, click here.


For being crowned the winner, Bailey won a big bag of goodies from Walden and a special screening of the film.   


If you would like to hear the on-air interview with Bailey, including his reading of the essay, click here.


6th Grader Wins Prince Caspian Contest

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