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A KHTS EXCLUSIVE: Get to Know Your Mayor

Who is the woman with the center seat on the City Council now? Marsha McLean took over as Mayor of Santa Clarita on Tuesday, and with her position as head of the city will come an opportunity to work on some of the projects she considers important.

While there are a variety of issues in which she will no doubt take up, a few classify as personal. These are things she has worked on for years, or maybe even decades in some form, and they are still in need of at least some degree of resolve.

So get to know your Mayor! Find out what’s on her mind:

Regional infrastructure:
Mayor McLean stated that this will be one of the biggest items the council will take up, and she believes that with 60,000 units yet to be built, the impact on our city will be tremendous. Regional infrastructure has to do with building that occurs in LA county, right outside the city boundaries. These area’s residents use many of the city’s services and yet, pay no tax dollars to Santa Clarita. To rectify the situation, she vowed to work with the county.

Inter-generational housing:
This idea is something McLean states has worked in other areas, and it aims to provide a balance in housing between different age groups that can work together. An example of this might be lower cost housing that attracts senior citizens and the younger workforce generation. The senior citizens could enter a role where they help the younger families in watching children, or keeping an eye on the neighborhood and the younger generation could also assist the seniors in things they may not be able to do anymore.

“I believe it could work here in Santa Clarita,” said McLean.

McLean said that she is worried about the current state of transportation. She plans to add more clean energy busses, and is a firm proponent of the high speed rail system known as the Orangeline. The Orange line operates on a magnetic levitation system, and will, upon its completion, link Santa Clarita with many other cities in southern California at speeds of 150 mph.

Among other issues McLean sees for 2007 are working towards a job/housing balance, economic development, Cemex, the Cross Valley Connector, and of course, the city’s 20th anniversary.

Jon Dell
KHTS AM 1220 News

A KHTS EXCLUSIVE: Get to Know Your Mayor

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