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A New Low In Santa Clarita Elections

A Carl Goldman editorial:  

This letter was written for our friends and associates. With the positive response we’ve received, we decided to share it with everyone.

ImageJeri and I cannot sit back and watch what’s going on. We are writing you this email because we are so upset. A professional mass email was sent out the other day slamming Mayor Bob Kellar with lies and crazy allegations. It even went so far as to ask if Bob is connected to al-Qaida.

When we traced back the piece, we learned it originated from a Redondo Beach political campaign company, AMAC. Our Santa Clarita election has hit a new low.

Laurie Ender has previously sent out several hit mailers with lies about Bob Spierer and a mailer appearing as if she is leading the charge to fight the Cemex Mega-mine, when the truth is, she hasn’t done a thing.

We are personally disgusted with Laurie’s behavior. By choosing these tactics, she has changed the whole landscape of elections in Santa Clarita. She will hurt our Valley if she is given a position of power.

It is no secret we have been a big fan of Mayor Bob Kellar for many years. He has been the one leading the charge to fight the Cemex mine. His positive track record for Santa Clarita speaks for itself. Bob will continue to work for our Valley and do the “right thing” even if it might not be in his political best interest to do so.

As the campaign has heated up, we have been impressed with Bob Spierer who has received the bulk of Ender’s attacks and has continued to take the high road by remaining calm and poised while under fire. He has stayed focused on the issues. He too, will be his own man, an independent thinker. Bob Spierer will weigh each issue on its own merits and unlike Ender, will not become a puppet for other special interests.

Laurie Ender has chosen to take the low road in this campaign and despite personal denials and apologies to other candidates continues to keep her campaign tactics in the gutter.

This election is very close. We believe less than 300 votes will separate the winner for the second City Council seat. It is critical that you vote on Tuesday. Jeri and I are asking you to do the right thing for our Valley and vote for Bob Kellar and Bob Spierer.

As you can see, we have been very passionate in the past few weeks and have not sat back silently. Click here to learn what we’ve discovered:

We are asking you to talk to your friends and neighbors this weekend and encourage them to learn the truth and vote this Tuesday. Just 300 votes will make the difference.

-Carl and Jeri Goldman

A New Low In Santa Clarita Elections

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