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A New Player In The Water Softener Game

Company offers eco friendly alternative to salt water softeners.

With salt using water softeners banned in Santa Clarita since 2003, a steady stream of residents have either cashed in on rebate programs or trashed their water softening equipment all together.    

ImageWhile the salt used by earlier machines caused environmental damage, the ban left many searching for alternatives that would provide the benefits of salt water softeners and be eco friendly.

Recent technology has provided a few options, with products using magnets, activated carbon adsorption, and now electric charges.

A company called Freije has introduced EasyWater, which treats the water to eliminate the problems associated with hard water by sending an electro-static charge through the main water line of a home. The charge physically alters the minerals in the water, which makes them unable to cling to the surfaces of glass, dishes and appliances.

The unit itself is small enough to attach to a wall, and it involves wrapping a small section of the main water pipe of the home with wires. Then, the signals are transmitted from the wires to the water, transforming it as it enters the home.

With no maintenance or environmental impact, Freije is touting EasyWater as a safe and efficient alternative to other water softener devices.

The Los Angeles County Sanitation District has offered up a rebate program for Santa Clarita residents where they will pay reasonable value for old salt using water softeners, up to $2,000. They will also provide for the free removal of salt water softeners. The program is designed to be an incentive for residents to upgrade to newer, safer technology.     

To learn more about EasyWater, click here.

A New Player In The Water Softener Game

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