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And The Hit Pieces Just Keep On Coming

Local activist dismayed at how dirty City Council campaigns have gotten.

Editorial by Pauline Harte



 I had planned on riding out the rest of the pre-election discussions from the sidelines because, as far as the absentee ballot portion is concerned, this election is really over.  But Monday night I went out to get my mail, and I was stunned to find in my mailbox another Laurie Ender hit piece full of lies and smears about Bob Spierer!  After the HUGE public outcry against the dirty campaigning from Laurie Ender, she sent yet another hit piece, the SAME hit piece that has been proven to be nothing but lies about Bob Spierer's stance on the hospital issue. Yep, that same hit piece arrived in SCV mailboxes again today, March 31, proving Laurie Ender and her campaign committee are all devoid of a conscience.  Lest some of you don't see these nasty little hate-bombs, here's an example of how these hit mailers smear Bob Spierer with lies and innuendo:


Laurie Ender says:  "Why is Bob Spierer playing politics with your hospital?"  Then she says, "If he plays politics with your healthcare, he'll play politics with anything!"  And this was mailed by "The Friends of Laurie Ender."  There are no words to describe how disgusting this kind of lying and smearing is in local politics. Dirty politics is bad enough at the national level, but it is beyond appalling to see such unwarranted nastiness right here in SCV, from someone who boasts about being a "PTA mom," from someone who is well acquainted with the "Character Counts" program in our local schools.

By sending out this hit mailer full of lies and misrepresentations AGAIN, The Laurie Ender Gang proves that they are not the least bit concerned about truth and facts as they continue to smear Bob Spierer with lies and baseless innuendo, even after all the public outrage, even after this particular hit mailer has been proven to be nothing but lies and vicious slandering.  But instead of cooling it and playing nice after so much public outrage, The Laurie Ender Gang just thumbed their noses at the truth and the facts and common decency, and they sent out the same nasty, lie-infested hit piece to slime SCV mailboxes AGAIN. Meanwhile, the people of this city remain horrified by the dirty politics that have been introduced to our city elections, and the outrage grows mightier by the day.

 This utter lack of ethical behavior from a candidate that continues to send out hit mailers full of lies in spite of the fact that she knows the lies and baseless innuendo have been proven totally false, proves this candidate is already unfit for a position on this city's city council, and is also unfit to retain her current position with this city’s Parks and Rec Commission.  Since the City’s Character Counts program falls under the jurisdiction of this City's Parks and Rec Department, Parks Commissioner Laurie Ender should be asked to resign her commission position because of her deliberate lack of ethical behavior in this election..   

 What kind of mixed messages are we sending to the children of this city when they are advised to live their lives by the Character Counts tenets while this city's "leaders" viciously smear people with lies and baseless innuendo?  Doesn't get any more hypocritical than that!

And The Hit Pieces Just Keep On Coming

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