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Animal Sanctuary Faces Uncertain Future

Foreclosure may jeopardize Agua Dulce property which is home toover 70 animals.

“Here at Rivendel, we’re the next stepafter rescue, and right before euthanasia.  We’re hometo many animals that are still full of life, and aren’t readyto be put down.  They live here in peace and dignity, andthat’s what we’re all about,” says RivendelFounder Maria Favinger.  Since 2001, 17 horses, 30 goats, 7dogs, 20 cats, and several chickens consider the Rivendel Sanctuaryhome.  

Most of the animals came from the Agua Dulce and Acton areas; thehorses were rescued from abuse or neglect, and all the dogs arelocal strays.   

But just recently, Favinger has encountered a difficultsituation.  For 7 years, the owner of the Rivendel propertyhas allowed Favinger and all the animals to live on the three acreranch.  Yet, with the economy’s decline, the property isin foreclosure and will be sold in an auction soon.  Favingerhas thought of buying the property herself, but the mortgagepayments are simply out of her budget.  

“I’ve promised to take care of these animals andI’ll find a way to house them.  Right now, we’relooking at possibly renting or leasing a place for them tolive,” Favinger said.  Although Favinger would like tofind somewhere in Agua Dulce, she says that anywhere around SantaClarita would be ideal.  

Favinger is also seeking help from the community.  “Atthis point, we’re looking for any help we can get. Anything you can offer, whether it’d be time, money, feed,anything is appreciated.  You can help care for the animals,maybe groom a horse, or feed the other animals.  If someonewants to buy feed, that would be great, and donation of time isgreat too.  I’m looking to create a Board of Directorsto help me with administrative duties.”  Favinger saidthat she’s great when it comes to caring for the animals, butit gets tough when it comes to paper work.    

For more information or to donate to the Rivendel Animal Sanctuary,click here .

Animal Sanctuary Faces Uncertain Future

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