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Annexation Policy Decision Postponed

City Council will wait four months to look at new process.

ImageTuesday night’s agenda item number 9 was to look at new options for initiating the annexation process with Santa Clarita. It was unanimously postponed for a period of four months to allow for more information to come to light.

Currently, a minimum of 60% of the residents in the non city areas would have to sign in favor of annexation before the City would put forth the money and work into starting the process of annexation.

A few months ago though, City Manager Ken Pulskamp asked if he could direct staff to look into alternatives that would make it easier for communities to exercise their desire to be a part of Santa Clarita.

Talk ramped up on both sides after that, and the issue drew a large amount of attention. This led to a new council committee formation, one that began dialogue between the City and the West Ridge and Castaic Town Councils.

At Tuesday’s meeting, one member from each of the un-incorporated town councils stood before the Santa Clarita City Council and asked for discussion regarding the alternatives to be put off for four months. This, they said, would allow time for the feasibility studies the areas are doing to be complete.

“Lets wait for the facts,” said one speaker.

 The decision to postpone was perceived by the Council to be an “olive branch” to the areas, and so it was approved unanimously.

The issue will resurface at the June 24th meeting of the Santa Clarita City Council.

Annexation Policy Decision Postponed

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