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Antonovich Proposes Funds To Help Disarm Criminals

Antonovich Proposes Funds To Help Disarm Criminals

Fact:Gun dealers in California collect a $19 fee for the state, called a “Dealer’s Record of Sale” fee, when they sell a gun. Additional fees also apply.

Fact: California has an automated system for checking the criminal histories of gun buyers to determine if they’re eligible to own one. The aforementioned $19 fee pays for the background checks.

Fact: Every day, 15 to 20 gun owners in California – people who were eligible to own a gun when they bought one – are convicted of a crime that makes them subsequently ineligible to own one.  Today, the total number of armed “prohibited” persons in California exceeds 19,000, and they’re estimated to possess more than 34,000 handguns and 1,590 assault weapons.

Fact: State and local law enforcement agencies don’t have the monetary resources to go around collecting guns from people who were OK when they bought one but became “not OK” later.

Supervisor Mike Antonovich and a number of state lawmakers see a solution: Spend some money from the state’s “Dealer’s Record of Sale” account to cut the backlog.

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On Tuesday, Antonovich will ask his fellow supervisors to get behind a state Senate bill that would do just that. The bill, SB 140, was introduced late last month by Democrats Mark Leno of San Francisco and Darrell Steinberg of Sacramento. The Budget Act of 2012 authorizes the state’s Attorney General to increase the “Dealer’s Record of Sale” account by 10 percent for “unanticipated workload associated with this fund,” and SB 140 would allocate these additional moneys to law enforcement for the specific purpose of taking registered handguns and assault weapons away from newly minted criminals.

“This is an example of enhanced enforcement of existing gun control efforts to protect public safety and avoid a major tragedy in our communities,” Antonovich said in his board motion.

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  • Antonovich Proposes Funds To Help Disarm Criminals
  • Source: Santa Clarita News
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Antonovich Proposes Funds To Help Disarm Criminals

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