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Antonovich Reacts To LA County Boycott Of Arizona

AntonovichSupervisor Michael Antonovich gave remarks on the passage of LA County’s motion to boycott Arizona over the state’s recent immigration law.

The LA County Board of Supervisors voted Tuesday night 3-2 in favor of a motion to boycott Arizona. Antonovich and Don Knabe voted against the motion. For the original story, click here.

“We need legal immigration, legal immigration is the lifeblood of our county, our state and our nation,” said Antonovich at a press conference held Wednesday afternoon. “Illegal immigration does not work, we can not be the HMO to the world, we can not be the breadbasket to the world, we need to respect the law.”

LA County contends that Arizona’s SB 1070 immigration law will lead to wide-spread racial profiling and subject foreign-looking persons to unlawful searches and arrests even though the text of SB 1070 specifically prohibits the use of race or national origin to enforce the law.

Antonovich added that he supports work permits that are bonded and wants to see the Mexican government work to break up drug and economic cartels so Mexican citizens can have the chance at getting better jobs and better prosperity.

To view Antonovich’s full statement, click here.

Antonovich Reacts To LA County Boycott Of Arizona

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