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Antonovich Visits Local Preschool

A firm believer in the benefits of preschool, LA County Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich visits Mountainview Fun For Fours Preschool

Supervisor Antonovich talks to preschoolers

Gathered around, cross-legged, with their hands in their lap, the children at Mountainview Fun For Fours, attentively listened to Supervisor Antonovich read “Now It’s Fall”. 

After the story was through, Antonovich asked the children many different questions.  “Do you have pets at home?” “Why should we eat our vegetables?” and “What do you want to be when you grow up?”  The questions got various answers, but most importantly all the kids were participating, having fun, and learning.

Antonovich said he is a firm believer in preschool education.  “I believe preschool is an opportunity that all four year olds should partake in.”

Mountainview Fun for Fours is one of the five preschools funded by the not-for-profit Los Angeles Universal Preschool (LAUP).  Since 2005, LAUP has invested more than $1 million in preschool services in the Santa Clarita Valley.   

ImageCEO of LAUP, Gary Mangiofico, Ph.D., said he grew up in a time when there were no preschools, and even if there were some, his family wouldn’t be able to afford it.  That may be part of the reason one of LAUP’s goals is to make preschool affordable.  “Every kid deserves a chance to attend a high quality preschool, no matter their background, or their family’s income.”    

According to LAUP, studies have shown that children who attend preschools are:

-more likely to lead a healthy life

-more likely to graduate from high school

-more likely to be employed-more likely to earn higher income




-less likely to need public assistance

-less likely to become involved in crime 


ImageAlso, 95% of California Kindergarten teachers have said that the students who attended preschool are better prepared, in both the academic and social areas.   


Mangiofico said that the benefits of preschool aren’t just in academics.  “All of our programs are developmentally based, and while academic learning is a really important dimension, what’s also important is social skills development; being able to work in a group, handling emotions, and managing themselves.  And having these skills before they are immersed in academics, seems to be very fruitful for the children.” 


Antonovich Visits Local Preschool

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