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Uncommon Tips For Safe Travel Before And After Your Retirement

Uncommon Tips For Safe Travel Before And After Your Retirement

By Arif Halaby

I love to travel. In fact, since my father worked for the airlines, I was able to travel all over the world. I have been to more than 30 countries on 5 continents and I have a few travel tips you might not find anywhere else that will hopefully make traveling a little easier.

Firstly, always call your debit credit card companies and advise them when, where and for how long you will be traveling. This ensures your credit card will be active when you arrive, especially if you are traveling internationally. Since a large amount of fraud occurs overseas, companies will automatically assume this is the case when they don’t hear from you.

Also, take at least 3 credit cards with you when you travel, because when you check into a hotel or rent a car, a lot of the time a hold is placed on the card, which can take up to 3 days to be released. As for cash and travelers checks, both can be counterfeited easily, which is why many places do not accept them.

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Check-in for your flight as soon as possible. If the possibility of a seat upgrade exists, you may be able to take advantage of it. Recently, I was on a flight to Hawaii and about half of first class was empty. Those seats could have been sold or upgraded on the website, or even at the gate, often for only a small fee.

Take a picture of your luggage with your phone before you give it to the airlines. In the event that it is lost, you will at least have a picture of the bags. Put an address label inside and outside of the bag. I put two on the outside (different ends) and at least one on the inside.

After the security check point, buy a water bottle, maybe two. Just do not board the flight without your own full water bottle. Why you ask? You may get stuck on the runway or have your plane diverted to the south of France, for example. Why do I say the south of France?

On a trip in 2007 from Rome to Geneva, my plane was delayed for 7 hours. By the time we left Rome, the Geneva airport was closed and our plane had to land at Lyon, France. Three hours later, we returned to Rome. All of the drinking water was consumed on the plane in the first hour we were on the ground.

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When you check into the hotel, use the hotel safe for valuables.

Keep your cash and credit cards in at least two different places just in case you lose them or they are stolen, they are not all in one place. This also applies to your medications and clothes.

Put some in your carry-on (possibly a bathing suit if you’re traveling to a tropical location) and some in your checked bag. If your bag is lost, you can at least sit by the pool and wait for it. Hopefully this will begin to make your traveling a little easier. 

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Uncommon Tips For Safe Travel Before And After Your Retirement

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