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California History Official Says Save Colossus Petition “Not Realistic”

California History Official Says Save Colossus Petition “Not Realistic”

State officials are saying an attempt by some Santa Clarita Valley residents and roller coaster enthusiasts to save Six Flag Magic Mountain’s famous roller coaster Colossus is highly unlikely.

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Colossus is set to close for good Aug. 16, according to Six Flags Magic Mountain officials, and the group Save Colossus is attempting to stop that from happening.

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They’ve started a petition and filed a nomination with the California Office of Historic Preservation to have Colossus added to the list of national landmarks, according to the group’s website.

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“Proposed nominations are reviewed by your state’s historic preservation office and the state’s National Register Review Board, according to the Office of Historic Preservation’s website. “The length of the state process varies but will take a minimum of 90 days.’

Jay Correia, the supervisor for the registration unit at the Office of Historic Preservation, is also a state historian.

He was “disappointed” he’s never been able to ride Colossus, he said, but added the idea that Colossus could be saved through a historical ordinance is “unrealistic.”

“The group meets quarterly, and the next meeting is to be held on November 7, I believe they will have started demolition by then,” said Correia. He also added that, “Anyone can nominate a property to be listed, but Colossus is on private property, and a national register doesn’t protect anything.”

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Colossus is more than 4,000 feet long and takes up more than 10 acres of land, according to the Six Flags Magic Mountain website. The coaster was built in June of 1978.

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According to the Save Colossus website, “Colossus means more to millions of people throughout the globe than any other coaster ever will.  Colossus set records for height, speed and total lumber when it was opened; it has been in countless movies, television shows and commercials; it is an icon for Magic Mountain, Santa Clarita, southern California; it is a living memorial to John Candy and the humor he brought to all of us.”

The coaster has been featured in films including “The A-Team”, “Wonder Woman” and “National Lampoon’s Vacation”.

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California History Official Says Save Colossus Petition “Not Realistic”

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