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Assemblyman Scott Wilk Discusses The Chloride Town Hall Meeting

Assemblyman Scott Wilk Discusses The Chloride Town Hall Meeting

Assemblyman Scott Wilk gave his weekly update from Sacramento about the Chloride Town Hall Meeting on Wednesday, June 19.

On Saturday, June 15, a Town Hall Meeting was held at the Santa Clarita Activities Center to discuss the recent chloride issues. The goal was to inform the community of the the options on chloride and what could happen if the state’s deadlines were not met.

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Because Assemblyman Wilk was still in Sacramento while the meeting was taking place, he had to Skype from the Rules Committee Room in Sacramento with the 68 people who were at the Town Hall Meeting.

“My only down side is I could only see half of the room,” Assemblyman Wilk said.

During the meeting, the Santa Clarita Valley Sanitation District, the Newhall County Water District and the Castaic Lake Water Agency all gave presentations on the chloride issue. The meeting ended up going over the time that was scheduled by 30 minutes to allow for public comments.

On his website, Assemblyman Wilk has a segment known as “Say What?”

“For things that we take as common sense back home, just doesn’t occur here,” Assemblyman Wilk said. “So I take what I think are crazy ideas or outrageous ideas and and just say ‘Say What?’ ”

During his most recent “Say What?” segment, Assemblyman Wilk discussed the state budget that was passed on June 14. There is a 96.3 billion dollar budget for the state of California.

“Now under the law, that budget has to be in print for 24 hours,” Assemblyman Wilk said.

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Assemblyman Wilk wants to make it a law that the budget has to be in print for three days. While he was on the floor in front of his computer, Assemblyman Wilk tried to open the bill on the computer, but there was no document available on the official computer.

“People are voting for a budget when they don’t even know what is in it,” Assemblyman Wilk said.

Assemblyman Wilk also hosted an event known as Walking With Wilk on June 22. The event is a walk held at Aliso Canyon Park in Porter Ranch. The walk allows constituents to speak with Assemblyman Wilk in a relaxed setting.

“When you have town halls, there’s a lot of people who go and want to ask questions, but they are intimidated by doing it in that kind of a format,” Assemblyman Wilk said.

After the walk, while participants had coffee and bagels, Assemblyman Wilk went around and spoke to each group of people. This gave him a chance to get to know everyone, answer their questions and allow them to share their concerns.

Tune in every Wednesday to listen to Assemblyman Scott Wilk’s weekly updates from Sacramento.

Source: Santa Clarita News

Assemblyman Scott Wilk Discusses The Chloride Town Hall Meeting

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