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Beating The Odds: Santa Clarita Students Strike Gold On Exam

COC students pass rigorous land surveying test

With ongoing growing development in and around the Santa Clarita Valley, the area has a constant stream of construction and engineering jobs.  Training students to study the topography of the land and to measure and record property boundaries, College of the Canyons aims to fill the increasing need for land surveyors.

Last April, seven COC students took the Land Surveyor In Training (LSIT) exam as part of the process to become a state-licensed surveyor.  The exam tests students ability to precisely visualize and measure distances and sizes by using mathematical reasoning.  They must also be prepared to draw maps and exhibits.

“Our program is designed to get them started on their career path and prepare them for an entry-level position,” stated Regina Blasberg, chair of the surveying department at the college.

While this rigorous, state-administered exam has a 36.2 percent passing rate, all seven COC students passed.

“I am so proud of each of our students and the tremendous effort and commitment each has made toward attaining their professional and educational goals,” said Regina. “It is seeing the success of the students that makes teaching so wonderful.”

Before taking the LSIT exam, students are required to complete a minimum of two years of years of post-secondary education in land surveying or have at least two years of land surveying experience.  They may also opt to have one year of each.

Beating The Odds: Santa Clarita Students Strike Gold On Exam

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