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Blood And Platelets Desperately Needed To Save One Life

City of Hope Patient Joseph Farah has had leukemia once, and now its back


In late October 2006, Joseph was diagnosed with leukemia, and recentally, he had a relapse. 


Trying to put the cancer in remission, Joseph recently was admitted for one dose of chemo.  His wife, Stephanie Farah is used to the uncertainty of recovery.  "You can never tell when leukemia is in remission, you never know."  It was supposed to target his bone marrow, but instead he contracted an infection. 


The infection is known as, Clostridium Difficile Colitis, C-Difficile for short. The chemo also infected his liver, which isn’t functioning properly.  Fluid is backing up, and Joseph has gained around 30 lbs.. 

The FDA has granted Joseph’s physician permission to give him a medication if his liver fails entirely. 


Joseph bleeds uncontrollably, and is in desperate need of blood and platelet donors.  He receives platelets, plasma, and blood three times a day.  For platelet donors, blood type is not important, but its important that everyone work together to help Joseph fight against leukemia.  Stephanie knows that leukemia is becoming more common.  "This disease is not something unusual, but is very serious."   

He receives platelets several times a day because he has no clotting factor.  There are a few local residents who have decided to donate directly towards him, but he needs many more.  Stephanie knows that his life and fight against leukemia relies on donors, as well.  "When it comes down to this situation, being a donor saves lives.  Anything you do helps someone." 


By donating blood, not only does it help Joe, but it also reduces hospital prices.  If blood is not given, the hospital is forced to buy it from an outside source.    


If you have chosen to help Joe fight, you can donate directly to him by calling The City of Hope.  All you have to do is make an appointment by calling (626) 471-7171, bring you picture ID, and donate on behalf of Joseph Farah.  If you would like to donate blood, his blood type is A+.   


His family is asking Santa Clarita to save Joe, and if we all work together, we can do it.         

Blood And Platelets Desperately Needed To Save One Life

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