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Breaking News: McClellan Restraining Order Made Permanent

ImageMcClellan's restraining order holds up, and officially on for 3 years

This morning, self-described pedophile Jack McClellan was back in court, where a Judge Sandvig made permanent a restraining order against him. 


Viewed as a major victory for the prosecution, McClellan's restraining order is now officially on the record, and still enforceable throughout the state of California.  The order will be in effect for 3 years. 


One slight adjustment was made to the order. Originally, McClellan was barred from being within 10 yards of any minor child. That portion of the order has been changed to state that McClellan now cannot be within 10 yards of any place where children congregate. 


The whole court process started when two Santa Clarita lawyers, Anthony Zinnanti and Rick Patterson successfully argued for the temporary statewide restraining order on August 5th.  Now, according to them, their job is done. "We spoke with Mr. McClellan and told him that as far as we're concerned, this case is over," said Attorney Rick Patterson. 


McClellan was arrested last week on the UCLA campus for violating the restraining order, and then arrested again for trespassing when he came back to the campus to do a television interview. Those criminal charges were dropped last week, because of questions regarding the temporary restraining order. However, now that the order is cast in stone, it may prove more difficult for him to evade criminal charges. 


"I think he won't come back to Santa Clarita," Patterson said. "If he does, we'll go back to court."


Patterson also noted a fairly odd reaction from McClellan after the order was brought down. Reportedly, after being barred from places where children congregate, McClellan's only question was "Does that include the Orange County Fairgrounds?" 



KHTS will update this story when McClellan’s day in court is over, so keep checking back to Also, updates will be aired live on AM-1220.

Breaking News: McClellan Restraining Order Made Permanent

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