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BREAKING NEWS: SCV Files Lawsuit Against Pedophile

Jack McClellan, a self confessed pedophile is becoming more brazen

Jack McClellanThis morning, admitted pedophile Jack McClellan was on television not once but twice for two live interviews on the Fox Network. There, hiding behind sunglasses he described why he prefers pre-pubescent girls and why he hosts a website that rates the best places to watch pretty young girls.


Several times, McClellan has listed locations inside of Santa Clarita as good spots for watching young girls.


Rick Patterson, of the local law firm Owen Patterson and Owen announced today that he and his partner, Mr. Zimnanti have filed a civil law suit against Jack McClellan. A trial set for Friday will see Patterson and Nimnanti ask for a restraining order against McClellan to prevent him from entering the Santa Clarita Valley. It will also serve as a chance to get McClellan to answer direct questions under oath about his interaction with girls.


"We know the law, we have the tools to do this," commented Rick Patterson. "If we don't do it, who's going to do it?" 


KHTS will follow this story as it continues in the coming weeks.  


While technically McClellan has not broken the law yet, many fear that he is a “ticking time bomb”. McClellan doesn’t have a criminal record, however many people feel that the resources he makes available on his website can be used by other pedophiles who have no qualms about stepping over the line. The local Sheriff’s department is aware of Jack McClellan, and they have sent bulletins to their deputies with his picture on it.


When KHTS first ran an article on Jack McClellan in early June, the community responded with shock and disbelief. A few days later, KHTS featured an article about a New York man who has made it his mission to take Jack McClellan down. McClellan was also featured in our “Catch A Crook” section.


And now, as the fury spreads across Los Angeles County, McClellan has decided to temporarily take down his website.


Santa Assemblyman Cameron Smyth has jumped into the fight to get Jack McClellan arrested, as he plans to host a town hall meeting to discuss this issue with the community.


“This town hall will bring together community leaders, law enforcement, parental advocates, school officials and most importantly parents.  Not only do we want to educate the community about this disturbed person and his intent to return to Santa Clarita, but we want to develop possible legislative solutions in order to close the loophole that ties the hands of our authorities,” said Smyth. “This meeting will also send a clear message to Mr. McClellan that if he chooses to return to Santa Clarita, we are ready for him and will not stand for this type of dangerous and disgusting behavior.”


For Smyth, this issue hits home. “As a father of two young children, there is no issue more important to me than the safety of our children.  I am committed to making sure this type of behavior is stopped for good and predators like Jack McClellan will be placed behind bars where he belongs.”


The Town Hall meeting will be held August 8th at 6:30pm, in the Council Chambers at City Hall.


This is not the first time Jack McClellan has been to war with communities. Before he came to Los Angeles he was run out of Washington by concerned parents and public officials.


Fox 11 news reported today that McClellan is now considering a move to the Netherlands.

BREAKING NEWS: SCV Files Lawsuit Against Pedophile

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