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Bridesmaids: Safe For Guys And Chicks

bridesmaids-movie-castBy Chauncey Telese

Hello again, the time is 2:44 am and happy Friday the 13,th hopefully no one falls victim to minor fits of bad luck like getting a flat tire, dropping your cell phone in the toilet, or getting attacked by Jason Voorhies.



Tonight’s keep me awake album is “The Bends” by Radiohead, which would seem ironic considering I’m reviewing a comedy but hey the ears want what the ears want. Anyway, what an interesting week it’s been right?

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Ashton Kutcher is replacing Charlie Sheen on “Two and a Half Men” (Duh, Kelso) though I would’ve tried to get Hugh Grant because after all, isn’t he just the British Charlie Sheen anyway? Oh well I don’t watch the show so whatever. “Parenthood” got renewed which is a brilliant move by NBC. Tina Fey absolutely killed on SNL (along with Maya Rudolph) and the Lonely Island managed to make Michael Bolton funny in a non-“Office Space” way (I never thought that I’d ever type that). Ike became a knight of Canada after saving the princess and defeating tooth decay (by the way the Canadian Royal Wedding is way more interesting then the British Royal wedding, am I right?). Colin Hanks (that’s right, Tom’s son) is the new bad guy on “Dexter” and Mos Def is in as well, Danny Trejo (that’s right, Machete) is going to be on “Sons of Anarchy” so yay.

McKinley High had their prom where Kurt got voted prom queen (I’m so kicking myself for not seeing that coming) and I’m really getting back into “Glee” because everyone else on the show seems to care again especially with the stuff with Santana, Britney, and Artie. Jamie Pressley and Ethan Suplee (who looks like a skinny version of the guy from “Mallrats”) showed up on “Raising Hope.” Pierce left the study group (in what was an awesome finale to an awesome season of “Community”), Dwight got his first taste of power and literally blew it, and “Parks and Recreation” is officially the alpha dog of TV comedy with two episodes featuring Ron effing Swanson teach a nine year old kid about being a Libertarian, Leslie and Ann getting into a drunk fight, April bringing back Janet Snakehole (hall of fame fake name), Snake Juice causing everyone to get completely smashed, and Leslie finally kissing Ben. I can’t wait for next week’s season finale!

The week wasn’t all awesome though, “The Chicago Code” got cancelled and I had to watch my Lakers get absolutely demolished on Mother’s Day. It was the most gutless performance since the 91 Pistons walked off the court, seriously Bynum and Odom were embarrassing (I bet that comes up on the next “Khloe and Lamar” right after he learns to pick up after himself), Gasol apparently got dumped, and Phil had to leave in a sweep, so depressing it almost made me want to drink an entire bottle of Snake Juice. I almost wanted to submit a column about it and offer my eulogy for the Phil Jackson era and I decided against that because it would’ve been too sad and besides, how mad can I be I got to live through five titles. The lesson though is the Lakers lose whenever my buddy Bryan and I don’t go to a playoff game, it’s a fact.

There are some positives – for one thing Dwight Howard will be a Laker (most likely), I won’t have to miss out on the gym and occasionally homework because I’m watching games, I no longer have to deal with Laker haters at bars, and the Celtics got knocked out too so at least they don’t get to win a title either. I hope that Dallas does go on to win, not because it’ll make the sweep that much less painful, but because Dirk is owed a ring after the 2006 Finals debacle and he can pass Karl Malone and Barkley in the greatest forward of all time discussion, plus I’d like to see Marc Cuban celebrate because that’s worth it by itself though I’m happy just as long as Miami doesn’t win. Oh and after some of my friends had to watch the Lady Gaga concert on HBO they determined her to be queen of the Butterfaces, so congrats Lady Gaga!

Tonight’s movie is “Bridesmaids” and while I don’t usually review movies that appear to be chick flicks, this is an exception because, yeah, it’s technically geared towards women, but it works for both guys and girls because it was downright hilarious and the story and characters very authentic, plus Kate Hudson and Katherine Heigel are nowhere is sight, so another major plus.

Kristen Wiig and her writing partner Annie Mumolo have written a comedy that manages to tear down every ugly stereotype that comes with female centric comedies and Wiig proves that she is just as brilliant as the lead in film as she is in supporting roles or on SNL. Whenever she decides to leave the show (hopefully not too soon), her future will be about as badass as the honey badger, and she will undoubtedly be the women’s champion of comedy.

Wiig plays Annie, a single woman whose life is an absolute mess, her bakery was lost to the recession, she is hook-up buddy number three for Ted (played with scumbag excellence by Jon Hamm), and she lives with a creepy British brother-sister combo (don’t worry they’re not creepy enough to enter “Game of Thrones” territory) and her best friend Lillian (an awesome Maya Rudolph) is getting married. Annie is asked to be the maid of honor and that comes with a ton of tasks (guys have it way easier we just throw a bachelor party and make sure the groom doesn’t end up on the roof). She has to contend with Lillian’s wealthy new friend, Helen (played by an amazing Rose Byrne), and along for the ride are Lillian’s cousin, Rita (played by the always hilarious Wendi McLendon-Covey who is best known as Officer Clementine Johnson on “Reno 911”), newlywed Becca (Ellie Kempler who plays Erin on “The Office”) and the groom’s sister, Megan (the scene stealing Melissa McCarthy of “Mike and Molly”). Annie and Helen hate each other and are always trying to undermine and upstage the other as Lillian’s best friend and that leads to some brilliant comedy with Annie accidentally poisoning the bridesmaids food that surfaces during the dress fitting (and by does it ever, I don’t want to ruin it but um, I can’t look at my sink for awhile), Helen drugging Annie on the plane flight to Vegas causing her to completely flip out as only Kristen Wiig can, and other things that eventually cause Annie to have a full-on mental breakdown. In the midst of all this chaos, Annie meets Irish State Trooper Rhodes (played Chris O’Dowd) who starts to fall for Annie even though she’s a total mess.

This movie has been billed as “The Hangover” for women, but I don’t think that’s really a fair description and completely undermines what the movie is about. Annie fears she’s losing her best friend since childhood (a fear I can relate to, kind of) to her getting married and is trying to piece herself together.

The acting is impeccable all around and Wiig and Rudolph have such great chemistry, we believe that they’ve been best friends since they were 6. Helen could’ve easily been a cardboard cut out villain, but Rose Byrne makes us see that just because Helen is super-wealthy and great at planning parties, her life still kind of sucks. Wiig also allows Annie to be the cause of her own problems and she feels like a realistic person rather then the usual type of female roles. Also, Megan McCarthy’s Megan doesn’t just get to be the comedic show stopper (and boy does she) but her character is very well defined and not just the gross, offensive fat chick who is irrationally confident just for laughs. Her character is written well enough to allow her to earn that irrational confidence.

The romantic stuff with Annie and Rhodes transcends the usual romantic comedy stuff that we’re used to seeing and I for one really believed the relationship that is built throughout the movie. Every character gets their shot to be funny and I’m sure there is a ton of great stuff on the cutting room floor that will appear on the DVD. The movie successfully balances crude humor, slapstick comedy and heart with such ease. All of this by the way is aided by the great direction of Paul Fieg who has directed “Nurse Jackie,” “Mad Men,” and created the greatest show to get cancelled too soon, “Freaks and Geeks.” Judd Apatow serves as producer, so there is a ton of pedigree in this movie.

I hope this movie can grow to be a hit because this is how to do comedy, and while it won’t make as much bank as “The Hangover Part II,” it definitely deserves to be seen and laughed at and appreciated by everyone. By the way, I know last week I said I’d cover “Priest,” but really what is there to say other then Comicon panels can make an awful movie look awesome until you actually see it. It’s worth possibly renting but other then that there is no real need to see it. Vampire movies are meant to be rated R especially when they are being hunted, so right there “Priest” drops the ball. Oh well, only about a month until “True Blood.”

Whatever, the time is 3:49 and I have since changed albums and am not listening to Beck’s “Odelay!” and I must sleep.

Thank You for Reading and stay tuned as next week Will Ferrell and I agree that “Everything Must Go,” Mel Gibson and Jodie Foster introduce me to “The Beaver” and I hop aboard the Black Pearl and sail over mermaid waters with Jack Sparrow in “Pirates 4.” Remember you can see these and other fine movies at your local Edwards.

Bridesmaids: Safe For Guys And Chicks

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