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Innovative Ways To Use Bi-Fold Doors

Innovative Ways to Use Bi-Fold Doors

Bi-fold doors have come a long way from being the traditional doors connecting the hallway to the other parts of a house. Trending lately for adding detail and dimensions to interiors, bi-fold doors are finding unique applications that offer functionality with style.

As more and more contemporary homeowners are considering seamless, flow-into home designs, bi-fold doors are quickly becoming a popular door style. This door style allows for stacking up of the door panes at either ends of an opening for an interruption-free movement. It also helps make rooms appear larger than they actually are. Therefore, this door style serves a major purpose of the contemporary home designs, that of free-flowing room transitions.

ut designers are using bi-fold doors in many other ways than just a door style for an opening. Below are a few bi-fold door design cues to help you spice up your interiors, the next time you undertake a renovation for your home.

Innovative Ways to Use Bi-Fold Doors

  • Open-up walls – Living rooms can be given a stunningly different appearance by considering bi-fold doors in place of entire walls. They can help you maximize natural light into your home during daytime, and give your living space a larger-than-life appeal. You should opt for sit-in runners when choosing this style for your home, for seamless finish, and especially if you have kids around. When glazed (double or triple), they can help your interiors stay comfortable, when the temperatures outside rise.
  • Closet doors – Custom bi-fold doors can be created to cover up closet openings, or any other section of the house that you want to hide away. For instance, shoe racks or the television rack (to keep your children from reaching). You could either consider bi-fold wooden or glass pane doors, depending on the look that you want to achieve. Bedroom closet doors can also make good use of bi-fold doors, neatly hiding away the drawbacks of your closet and its belongings.
  • Space dividers – Bi-fold doors can make interiors look stunning when used as space dividers. French doors with glazed glass panes work very well in incorporating the flow-in designs of the modern home. If you want to completely cover up rooms from the rest of the house, for instance bedrooms, the classic wooden custom bi-fold doors can be a great choice.
  • Bring outdoors in – Another aspect of the contemporary home designs is using door styles that help bring the outdoors inside. And, bi-fold doors are able to do this very well. If your living room, or bedroom overlooks a scenic view, you should definitely consider this idea. Install full wall bi-fold doors with complimenting flooring to make the transition between the interior of your home, and the outside seamless.

So which bi-fold doors idea did you find most interesting and exciting? Share your thoughts and takes with me in the comments below.

Innovative Ways To Use Bi-Fold Doors

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