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China’s Sustainability A Topic At COC

College Sustainable Development Committee to Make Presentation on China

Taking a look at the environmental impact of modernization and the vast economic expansion currently taking place in China, the College of the Canyons Sustainable Development Committee (SDC) will host a special presentation on China and Sustainability from 11:15 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., Wednesday October 31, in Aliso Hall room 108 on the Valencia campus.

Sharing with audience members the various environmental viewpoints, observations and experiences stemming from a COC educational travel trip to China last summer, event presenters Carrie DuShey and Diane Morey will show a multimedia presentation depicting some of the environmental impacts associated with the country’s rapid growth.

DuShey, a PhD student who also holds an MBA and a master’s in Asian studies with a specialization in China, has visited the country three times since 2001 and has become increasingly familiar with the various issues facing the Chinese culture.

”China is her passion,” said SDC Chair Jia-Yi Cheng-Levine. “She has visited
China a few times in the past with an eye for business, but during the last
trip she shifted her focus to begin looking at China as a country with the
potential to help the world move toward sustainability.”

DuShey’s presentation “The Waters of Modernity” will look at both the business and environmental impacts of China’s ongoing modernization process, while specifically examining the impact of western business and the massive Yangtze River Three Gorges Dam project, which ranks as the largest hydroelectric power station in the world.

”Basically what I’m focusing on is the impact of modernity, and with modernity the coming of globalization, and the social and environmental impact it will have on China,” DuShey said. “It’s the largest dam in the world, so although they’re saying the project is a great thing because the dam will decrease the use of coal and create new power, the construction of the dam itself is a huge environmental concern.”

As the second part of the presentation, Diane Morey, assistant director and chair of the college¹s nursing program, will discuss the rapid construction, increased tourism and surrounding issues affecting China’s natural

”The purpose is to provide an overview of the culture of China and the influence of other cultures on the country and to look at how that has effected the environment, while allowing the audience to have an understanding of China and the many factors impacting Chinese environmental issues,” Morey said.

For more information about the College of the Canyons Sustainable Development Committee or the October 31, presentation on China and Sustainability please visit or contact Jia-Yi Cheng-Levine at

China’s Sustainability A Topic At COC

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