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Christian, Jewish Relations Highlighted By General

Santa Clarita representatives connect with Israel.

Shimon Erem has lived his life on the frontline of Israel’s history.  Raised in Palestine, he joined the Jewish Brigade of the British Army to fight in World War II, serving in both Italy and France. 

He was a key figure in Israel’s War of Independence, organizing and commanding Jewish underground operations in Europe to smuggle Holocaust survivors and arms into the Land of Israel. 

Kathy Smith and Shimon Erem

In 1948, he was named by David Ben-Gurion to be on a select group to organize the first official Officers School of the Israel Defense Forces.  One of Israel’s most decorated military heroes, General Erem has played a major role in virtually every war in the nation’s history. 

In 1970, General Erem moved to the United States with his wife Danielle.   He has remained active in organizations and causes that promote the welfare of Israel and has dedicated himself to building bridges between the Jewish State and the Jewish and Christian communities, as well as with government officials, here in the U.S. and around the world. 

Gen. Shimon Erem is an outstanding individual, who had the opportunity to do really great things in his lifetime. He not only took the immediate opportunity in his youth, with the building of the State of Israel in its most challenging days, but continues to dedicate his life to doing things that so few of us are even offered the opportunity to do.
To further those goals, in 2002, he founded the Israel Christian Nexus. 


The Israel Christian Nexus brings together Christians and Jews in support of Israel and the Jewish people, and in defense of our shared Judeo-Christian heritage and values.  More than 60 prominent Christian pastors and Jewish rabbis serve together as the Advisory Board for the Israel Christian Nexus.  

His work in building bridges and relationships to strengthen and consolidate Israel’s position in the world today has provided the staunchest friends and advocates that Israel has ever known. The Christians who admire his passion and commitment do so based on what he has already done in the past, resonate and embrace what he is doing today, and ensure that the light of his life remains shining for future generations to come.

Christian, Jewish Relations Highlighted By General

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