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City And Henry Mayo Train For Flu Pandemic

Workshop helps to arm local healthcare personnel with knowledge

David Woodard talks with Dr. Dawn Terashita. Both were featured speakers at the Pandemic Influenza Workshop

Yesterday afternoon, the City of Santa Clarita joined forces with Henry Mayo Newhall Memorial Hospital to offer up a training workshop. The workshop focused on creating a strategy for Pandemic Influenza, should it reach Santa Clarita.


David Woodard, MS, CIC, CHPQ was the first speaker of the day, and he taught tools for caring for people with Influenza in a non-hospital setting.


Also on hand to offer her advice was Dr. Dawn Terashita, who works for the LA County Department of Public Health. She is a specialist dealing with bird flu, and she was able to update the audience of healthcare workers in that regard, as well as give them a perspective on pandemic flu from national, state and local levels. This would be important should a pandemic become a reality, as many organizations will have to interact with each other.


A pandemic is a breakout of an infectious disease with no vaccine.


“What we’re worried about, is that influenza will cause the next pandemic, and we want to make sure that the health care community and the community at large can handle this,” said Dr. Terashita.


In fact, the one of the best strategies for dealing with a pandemic is to prevent the spread of the disease. That prevention, through education and regular preparatory and preventative actions as the local level, can help slow the transmittal of disease until a vaccine is made available.


ImageCommunication between the County and local health care facilities would also be key in the case of a pandemic breakout, and so this topic was discussed as well.


As always, the simplest way to protect yourself from obtaining a transferable disease similar to the flu is to wash your hands regularly, especially before you eat and after caring for a sick person.

City And Henry Mayo Train For Flu Pandemic

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