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City Cooks Up Appreciation For Deputies

Station personnel treated to barbecue lunch in recognition of record-breaking teamwork.

The City of Santa Clarita
showed its appreciation for the drop in crime by serving up some barbecued
chicken and homemade goodies at the Santa Clarita Valley station on  Thursday.


City Manager Ken Pulskamp took a minute from the grill to
speak to the officers, who were crowded at long tables under tents set up
behind the station. He thanked them for their teamwork and dedication to making
Santa Clarita’s streets a little safer.


City Manager Ken Pulskamp (in apron) thanks the station personnel before heading back to the grill. With him are Councilman Bob Kellar and station Captain Anthony LaBerge


 “I’ve worked at a lot
of different stations and this is the first time I’ve ever worked anywhere that
we had such a great relationship with the city government,” said station
commander,  Captain Anthony LaBerge. “For
them to recognize the great work the deputies have done over the last couple of
years and bring the staff our here and barbecue for us, well, that makes us
feel very appreciated.


“We know that the community supports what we do, but when
the city’s actual personnel comes out and serves us, that’s special,” he said.


Captain LaBerge talks about the station’s teamwork and success


City staff manning the barbecue included Pulskamp, Assistant
City Manager Ken Striplin, and Parks and Recreation Manager Rick Gould. Mayor
Frank Ferry made it a point to visit each table and chat up the staff, as did
fellow Council members Laurene Weste, Marsha McLean, Bob Kellar and Laurie


The barbecue was organized in recognition of a decrease in
crime and a record-breaking number of arrests by station personnel.


City Parks Manager Rick Gould checks a piece of chicken’s progress, supervised by Community Development Director Paul Brotzman


“There are several reasons for the decrease in crime;
partnering with the community and getting them aware so they know what’s going
on and how to get in touch with us, to name a few,” LaBerge said. “We have
hard-working deputies responding and new personnel at the station that have
high energy; everything is coming together and working well; we’re seeing a
reduction in crime because of that.


“In addition, arrests have increased more than 30 percent
over the last year,” he added.

“There were more than 8,000 arrests made at this station in
the last year, which is the most we’ve ever made in the history of this


“It’s just great work by the men and women in tan and green
out here,” he said, proudly.


Mayor Frank Ferry talks with deputies at the barbecue


Deputies and other station staff line up for the delicious food.


City Cooks Up Appreciation For Deputies

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