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City Council Dog Killers Roll Over

cloverThe Santa Clarita City Council “Dog Killers” saved local pets that were not really in jeopardy.

Earlier in the day an email had been circulating at City Hall and on the email accounts of news desks across the city with the subject heading: “EMERGENCY!! DOG KILLING CITY POLICY TONIGHT!!”

A potentially dramatic controversy was diffused early at Tuesday night’s city council meeting when City Attorney Joseph Montes notified the council of an inconsistency in amending and restating Title 8 of the City of Santa Clarita municipal code regarding pet ownership.

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The email signed by Santa Clarita resident Allan Cameron stated “…the City of Santa Clarita is going to make a change in City law that will cost thousands of dogs their lives.” The “terrible change in City Policy” would change the number of dogs that could be part of a home from 4 to 3, Cameron informed readers.

Montes notified the council that when amending the municipal code the city did not intend to lower the number of dogs and cats allowed before requiring a homeowner to have an animal facility license.

Mayor Pro Tem Laurie Ender asked for clarification:

“I know I received and I assume other council members did, some really crazy email that we’re trying to kill dogs. Just to clarify the recommendation is to keep the ordinance at 4 dogs and 10 cats. That’s the correction?” said Ender.

Montes confirmed her summation.

Mayor Marsha McLean agreed the item should be amended. Without the change a home would only be allowed to have 3 dogs and 5 cats.

Cameron spoke before the council.

The towering man with a booming voice could hardly be called the “boy” who cried wolf, but perhaps he is the man who cried “Dog Killers.” In either case, he seemed pleased by the council’s correction and the efficacy of his emotionally charged email.

“I commend the city council for making it clear that’s it’s commitment to the longevity  and well-being of four dogs per household will remain,” Cameron said.

Ender requested of Cameron that he follow up his earlier email with an update to his readers.

“It would be great if those people got sort of a correction on this, from you, that there was in fact, an error on this and that we’re not killing dogs. That was pretty upsetting,” Ender said.

City Council Dog Killers Roll Over

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