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City Population Goes Up, Crime Comes Down

 ImageThe City of Santa Clarita saw a downward crime trend in 2006 that it hasn’t seen for awhile; a decrease in burglaries and grand theft auto.  The Santa Clarita Valley Sheriffs Department credits its specialized teams — COBRA (Career Offender Burglary Robbery Assault) ) and CIT (Community Interaction Team) — teams with the decreases, citing various stings, proactive and preventative tactics, consistent follow-up on probationary sweeps, good aggressive investigative work, which included some successful surveillances by the detective bureau teams, can be attributed to some of the decreases and significant arrests of some serial burglary suspects.

            During 2006, part one or serious crimes were down 1% overall in the City of Santa Clarita.  While homicides remain low, with three occurring in 2006 as in the previous year, increases did occur in the categories of rape (from an all time low of 17 in 2005 to 26 in 2006—5 year average is 22.3); robbery (from 106 in 2005 to 130 in 2006); aggravated assault (from 209 in 2005 to 233 in 2006); and larceny theft (from 2186 in 2005 to 2253 in 2006) during 2006.  These increases were commensurate with the City’s population increase during the same period of 4.4%.

            “I’m pleased to note that overall, part one crimes saw a slight decrease, however we will be working to address the increases in other areas.  Our goal is to focus our resources and expertise on areas of concern in the upcoming year,” commented Captain Anthony LaBerge of the Santa Clarita Valley Sheriffs Department.                                                 

            The part one crimes report is for January 1 through December 31, 2006, and is compared with the previous year (2005) during the same time period.  In 2005, the City’s population was at 170,000, while in 2006, the City’s population jumped 4.4% to 177,418.

            “Keeping our citizens safe and maintaining a safe community is the highest priority for our City.  The City Council enjoys a good relationship with the Sheriffs Department and with our residents, and we will do whatever it takes to continue this relationship and keep our city safe,” commented Mayor Marsha McLean.

City Population Goes Up, Crime Comes Down

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