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City to Expand Red Light Enforcement Program

Cameras Will Be Installed At Three Major Intersections

The Photo Red Light Enforcement Program proves to be very successful for the City of Santa Clarita at reducing collisions and injuries while improving driver awareness of red light violations. Consequently, cameras will be added to the three more intersections. Beginning Tuesday, August 1, the program will be in effect at McBean Pkwy. at Valencia Blvd., Bouquet Canyon Rd. at Newhall Ranch Rd., and Sierra Hwy. at Soledad Canyon Rd.
During the first 30 days, if a motorist is caught by a camera at one of the three new intersections, a warning will be issued including a photograph of the violation. Actual citations will be issued starting Thursday, Aug. 31, if a violation occurs at one of the new intersections.
“We want residents to have a fair warning,” said Gus Pivetti, Senior Traffic Engineer. “Hopefully, the warning period increases awareness to motorists and prevents any red light violations from happening.” The three intersections were chosen based on red light violation collision history. The Sherriff’s Station also suggested places with high red light violation rates and with the most time dedicated to sheriff surveillance. The City also used video surveys to monitor intersections with the most red light violation activity.
Since 2002, the program has been running at five intersections in the City — Soledad Canyon Rd. at Whites Canyon Rd., Bouquet Canyon Rd. at Seco Canyon Rd., Lyons Ave. at Orchard Village Rd., McBean Pkwy. at Magic Mountain Pkwy., and McBean Pkwy. at Newhall Ranch Rd. During the first year of the program the intersections experienced an 80% reduction in collisions involving red light violation and a 20% reduction in injury collision. Citation rates also indicate behavioral changes in motorists with increased awareness on red light violations.
Citations will continue to be issued at these five intersections during the warning period for the new locations. The City will continue to monitor various places to explore the option of installing cameras at other intersections.
For more information on the Photo Red Light Enforcement Program, please contact the City’s Traffic Division at (661) 286-4061.

City to Expand Red Light Enforcement Program

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