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City Working to Repair Flood Damage

City Trails Expected to be Repaired By End of Year

By the end of this year, Santa Clarita residents can look forward to hitting the outdoor trails without running into flood damages caused by last year’s rains. The 2005 rainy season hit the Santa Clarita Valley with near-record precipitation totals, while these storms caused water-related damage to several areas of the City’s extensive trail system, repairs and recovery efforts underway are resulting in a near return to normalcy. The City’s Public Works Department, in charge of heading up the flood recovery efforts, estimates that these projects will cost nearly $1.8 million. The City acquired sufficient funding from the State including the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) to cover the cost of the repairs.
“The City is working hard to repair these trails for our residents,” said Robert Newman, Director of the City’s Public Works Department. “We know that a great number in our community utilize these trails on a daily basis and this is part of the City’s ongoing effort to provide locals with outdoor amenities of the highest quality.” Repairs are being completed along the Santa Clara River at Mint Canyon, near the former Santa Clarita YMCA roller hockey rink, where the trail was washed out. The North Valencia and South River Trails are also being repaired. The North Valencia Trail was washed out and trail fences were damaged at San Francisquito Creek and the South River Trail is similarly damaged at Magic Mountain Parkway. Since last year, these trail areas remain unusable. Repair work will continue through this summer and both trailways should be ready for use by this fall. The City is also working to repair the Robinson Ranch Trail, which was partially damaged by heavy rains. It will be focusing on repairing and grading fences as well as improving the quality of drainage in the area. Restoration of this section is also expected to be finished later this year.

The City of Santa Clarita spent more than $700,000 to complete emergency flood recovery projects. A major portion of the cost was spent at the Lost Canyon Creek Bridge along Newhall Creek, where sediment and debris were removed from the pathway, and also at Newhall Creek where two homes were demolished to protect the area around Fairgate. The network of trails and bike paths is a priority for the city of Santa Clarita. More than 27 miles of trails are built and maintained by the City and it plans on full restoration by October.

City Working to Repair Flood Damage

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