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Classes soon to be added at COC for Academic Enrichment

High-achieving students will be pleased to learn that College of the Canyons will offer new academically enriching and challenging core classes starting the spring 2006 semester.  The classes will bring welcome opportunities to High-Intensity Transfer Enrichment (HITE) and Honors students.  The HITE and Honors Programs are designed to challenge students to achieve their highest academic potential, transfer to four-year institutions and continue on successfully. One requirement of the HITE Program is for students to complete 18 HITE units. In the past, special course projects were given to students, as a way to fulfill that unit requirement.  Now, in addition to doing the projects, HITE students will have another opportunity to obtain HITE credit with the addition of the core classes.  “Most HITE students are high-achieving and will welcome the challenge,” said Brad Reynolds, HITE and Honors faculty coordinator at College of the Canyons.  “The core classes will enrich the overall academic experience in the classroom and include more writing, research, discussion and critical thinking, among other things.” All students who complete the HITE and Honors program receive special recognition at graduation, including notated diplomas and transcripts.  Other benefits include increasing the likelihood of better letters of recommendation for transfer admissions, the awarding of scholarships and the opportunity to establish a closer relationship with professors.  The applications of HITE and Honors students are also given special recognition and, at times, priority over other applicants at institutions like UC Los Angeles, UC Irvine, UC Riverside and UC Santa Cruz. The following classes will be offered as core classes: Biology 107, Cinema 120, Economics 201, Honors English 101, History 112, History 120, Music 105, Political Science 150 and Psychology 101. By completing the core class, HITE students will receive credit, provided they earn a final grade of a “B” or better.  Students not enrolled in the HITE program are welcome to enroll in the new core classes as well.
For more information and a full list of the core classes, contact the HITE office at  (662) 362-3333 or
visit the office located in Room S-123 on the COC campus.

Classes soon to be added at COC for Academic Enrichment

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