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Classroom Turns Into CSI

The following is an excerpt from the Hart Districts regular publication of “What’s Good In Education.”

Clarissa Resella’s Honors Anatomy and Physiology class took a CSI approach to studying the skeletal system.

In the wee hours of the morning Resella buried bones the students had been studying in a mound behind the batting cage of the softball field.

The burial plots were divided into four quadrants or sites with varying bones in each site. She then divided the class into four CSI teams that had to excavate and extract each of the bones carefully.

Once the bones were collected, the groups had to identify the parts and bone markings from memory and turn in a written report. Junior Ingrid Orellano, who is interested in becoming a doctor, said: “What an innovative way for us to work together to learn the different parts of the body!”

To read the full “What’s Good In Education” publication, click here .

Classroom Turns Into CSI

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