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COC Puts The Community In The College

School responsible for a part of Santa Clarita’s success.

ImageSome people look at College of the Canyons as one of two places. Either it’s where they went to school, or it’s the school of their children. It can be perceived as the next logical step one takes in their educational journey after high school. Why? Because it’s affordable and it’s close.


Fortunately, those who look at COC through those glasses are in for a very pleasant surprise.


College of the Canyons is a piece of this community that is designed to serve nothing but the community.

A music composition desk.

That is their mission. For students, they get a college level education and they get to utilize facilities that are better than most Universities. COC has devoted large amounts of money to updating and building new facilities that are outfitted with the latest technology.



For the career training students, the college offers a host of programs including an entire center devoted to training nurses, computer technology courses, and they are the home for EMT and Sheriff’s Department training.

The new Music and Dance building

They offer AA degrees and certification programs that give students of all ages an opportunity to specialize in one career field and get what they need quickly.


For the community as a whole, they offer training for entire workforces. This ability allows the City to attract more businesses to the area, because they know that they’ll have a steady stream of fully trained employees. There is also a small business center which aids people who would like to venture into business for themselves.


The new building that will house the Computer Technology programs

They’ve got athletic titles, academic awards and everything in between.


Their Graphic Design and TV/Video programs place a Mac at every desk. Many even have the new G5.


The Computer Technology program is already gearing up for a switch over to Windows Vista, and they’ll start churning out the new breed of Microsoft Office savvy people very soon.


There’s a brand new science building that’s nearing completion, and it will house the next generation of science and nursing technologies.


The new music and dance building offers state of the art acoustical design and is already preparing the talent that have begun to grace the stage of the beautiful Performing Arts Center next door. 


The campus itself appears greener than it ever has been. While new buildings are springing up, the lush landscape and tall trees have been left untouched and even expanded in some areas.


Places for study or just relaxing abound on campus, and it’s underlined that the location is a place someone could be all day long and find everything they need.


The band room with state of the art acoustics

The newer library is stocked full of study rooms equipped with video displays and whiteboards, as well as various computer stations available on every floor. That library will soon be doubling in size.


Oh, and it would be rude not to mention the fact that the school breaks ground on the new University Center on Friday. This will provide for a place where students can receive Bachelors and Masters Degrees as well as teaching credentials from a variety of universities. (But we’ll delve into that on Friday.)


The list goes on and on.


Needless to say, College of the Canyons has put a great deal of effort into providing the best learning environment it can.


This is evident in the attitude of the employees, who take an immense amount of pride in their job.


Sheriff’s Dept trainees

The community it serves stands to benefit even more in the coming years as a result of the College’s existence.


The future does indeed look bright for Santa Clarita. We have been voted as one of the best places to do business. We have an Enterprise Zone designation coming.


And as business makes its way in to our valley, they will do so with an air of confidence in our people, because our people have been educated by the best.


And those people will have confidence, as they come out of school knowing that they have been armed with the highest caliber education. Whether it was a refresher course or a degree, they got what they needed, and they have jobs available a few streets away.


Who knows…the best cure for the commuter traffic problem is the ability to live and work in the same place. The people are here, the jobs are coming fast, and COC is directing traffic.

COC Puts The Community In The College

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