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Congressional Debate Sparks Compelling Exchange


At 1:00 this afternoon, Buck McKeon, Robert Rodriguez and David Erickson sat down in our studios face to face for a live debate. The debate was sponsored by Pacific View Mortgage and Real Estate and it gave the public an exclusive glimpse into the issues facing Santa Clarita today. Each candidate was given equal time to answer questions and respond to other candidates charges.

Questions were asked on national issues as well as local issues. National issues included Immigration, where McKeon was quick to cite his opposition for the Reid-Kennedy bill which would allow illegal immigrants to receive social security and require that the U.S. consult before building a wall on the border. Robert Rodriguez specified that he agreed with McKeon that the borders must be secured, and he stressed the importance of enforcing laws this country already have. Rodriguez supports the Reid-Kennedy bill.

The issue of Iraq also came to the forefront, where Rodriguez insisted that the country needs to focus on the issues of today, which is that Osama Bin Laden has not been caught. Rodriguez also offered dismay at the fact that we entered Iraq unilaterally. McKeon responded by saying: “The same people who wanted us to form a world coalition before going into Iraq, want us to go into North Korea unilaterally. You can’t have it both ways.” Libertarian David Erickson joined the debate in the discussion and made clear his vision of pulling troops from Iraq immediately.

On the local front, the Cemex issue was the number one topic submitted by the public for questions.

The question was posed to Buck McKeon that there have been reports that he hasn’t done enough to push the Cemex bill in congress. He responded by saying that the original mining contract was signed in 1990, before he was in congress, and that it is difficult to deal with Cemex due to the fact that they are a Mexican company. Rodriguez pointed out McKeon’s role in getting the Santa Clara River taken off a protected list. Had the river been on the list, it would have made it more difficult for Cemex to mine the area. McKeon was allowed to respond by saying that he recommended that the rivers included on the 10 historical rivers list be ones that are still naturally flowing.

Other issues discussed were the tax cuts, the economy, public education and social security.

The broadcast is available now, and you can hear it by clicking here.

Jon Dell

KHTS AM 1220 News


Congressional Debate Sparks Compelling Exchange

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