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Congressman McKeon visits China Exchange Program

Congressman Buck McKeon made a visit to Saugus High School on Friday, April 22, 2005, to meet with students and staff regarding the school’s newly established Chinese Exchange program. Following a visit to Gao Xin No. 1 High School in Xi’an, China, Principal Bill Bolde and Program Coordinator Mrs. Patty Stephenson presented to the Congressman an overview of their travels and the Memorandum of Understanding signed by the two schools.
Students, staff, parents, district office personnel and Governing Board members were present to participate in this gathering organized to celebrate the exchange and recognize the multifaceted partnership between the school district and Congressman McKeon. Gifts from Saugus High School and Gao Xin High School were presented to the Congressman in respect for his years of dedicated service to education nation-wide. Congressman McKeon presented a U.S. flag that flew over the capitol building in Washington as a personal memento to Madame Jiao, the people of Xi’an and Gao Xin High School.

Congressman McKeon addressed the significance of creating educational, cultural, and business relationships with the people of China.

Saugus High School has added Mandarin Chinese to its curriculum and is expecting three sections to be offered this fall. Gao Xin will be sending 5 of its students to Saugus to study for the Fall semester while Saugus will send 10 students to Gao Xin in the summer of 2006.

Congressman McKeon visits China Exchange Program

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