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Council To Give $25,000 To Annexation Study

Tuesday night’s City Council meeting had a bit of unfinished business. Two weeks ago, Bob Kellar had proposed giving $25,000 to the unincorporated County areas that consist of Castaic, Stevenson Ranch and West Ridge to study the benefits of annexation into Santa Clarita.  That issue came to a vote Tuesday night and it passed unanimously.

This follows another $25,000 that Los Angeles County Supervisor Michael Antonovich gave the areas to study the feasibility of their tax revenue supporting the services that the County currently provides to them.


The City’s money will go to do a study that sees if there is enough tax money in the areas to give the level of services that the City of Santa Clarita provides.


This marks a quick response from the City, who is getting more and more aggressive in figuring this whole thing out once and for all.


The City could stand to benefit from the annexation, not only for the extra revenue it would provide, but also because the City is indirectly providing services to the outlying areas' population who don't contribute towards those services. This includes parks, trails, deputy strength and more.


The County also benefits from having the areas in their grasp, because the revenues generated outweighs the financial needs, leaving the extra to be re-distributed throughout the County as a whole.


Also, the Council asked that city staff come back to the next meeting with a revised annexation policy. This could include a rule that if 5% of the population from the unincorporated areas prove that they want annexation, the City would then do a study to either confirm or deny that a majority of the community agrees.


As it is now, areas wishing to annex must get 60% of their residents to sign in favor of it.

Council To Give $25,000 To Annexation Study

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