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Cremation Becoming More Common Than Traditional Funeral Burials

Cremation Becoming More Common Than Traditional Funeral Burials

The cremation process is both a controversial subject as well as a topic that most people do not want to think about.

For obvious reasons, this topic is usually not discussed until after someone has passed away.

Unfortunately, if arrangements are not made before the death, it can be difficult to have the situation handled in a timely and efficient manner. Funeral arrangements that require a burial after a full service are sometimes difficult to schedule in the immediate future.

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Several people feel that cremation is the appropriate course of action after a loss has occurred, due to its convenience and price.

According to the Funeral Director of Peaceful Reflections Steven Skiles, “Cremation services are typically much more affordable and flexible than a burial service.”

These ceremonies are able to be scheduled around each family member’s availability, since there is not as much immediacy required as in a traditional ceremony. Families are given more time to make travel arrangements and are able to schedule a convenient time for the ceremony to take place when the body has been cremated.

“Cremation is meant to make this difficult process as simple, organized, and stress-free as possible for the grieving family”, added Skiles.

There is a great deal of support for the cremation process, since it is typically cheaper and easier to arrange than other ceremonies. Cremation also creates more options for memorializing, since the ashes can be buried, kept at home, or spread across a particular location. This process is also more environmentally friendly, since no casket or space in the ground is needed and no harmful chemicals or plastics are used like in the embalming process.

In recent years cremation has grown in popularity, and the Catholic faith actually accepted this practice in 1965.

However, there is still strong opposition, mainly for religious reasons. Christian teachings feel that if the body is destroyed by fire, it cannot be resurrected later and reunited with the soul and spirit. Also, in biblical times it was considered a dishonor to not be buried properly, and those who were burned were typically receiving punishment.  

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While this resistance does exist, cremation of the body is becoming a more feasible option for the loved ones of the deceased to at least consider.

This is an extremely difficult time for anybody to go through, but the cremation process is meant to minimize the stress of arranging a funeral while still showing respect to the deceased.


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Cremation Becoming More Common Than Traditional Funeral Burials

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