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Alexia Cina Expected To Serve 10 Years After DUI Crash That Killed Mother Of Six Katie Evans

Alexia Cina, the woman accused of killing Saugus mother of six Katie Evans in a DUI crash last year, is expected to be sentenced to 10 years in state prison, a judge ruled, after she entered a “no contest” plea in court Monday.

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Cina’s lawyer entered the plea around 11:15 a.m. to one charge of gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated. 

“You understand that a no contest plea will be treated like a guilty plea in the context of this case,” the judge asked her. “This is a serious felony you are pleading to.”

Cina said she understood the implications of the plea.

A no contest plea is treated as a guilty plea in the legal system, without the defendant admitting fault.

The 10 year sentence was part of a plea deal with prosecutors, who agreed to drop all other charges against Cina at sentencing: one felony count each of murder, driving under the influence of an alcoholic beverage causing injury and driving with a .08 percent blood alcohol content causing injury.

“As the result of a negotiated plea today, the other counts will be dismissed at sentencing,” said Ricardo Santiago, a spokesperson for the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office.

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On Oct. 6, 2017, Cina – who had a blood alcohol content of .21, according to Sheriff’s officials – struck and killed Katie Evans, a Saugus mother of six who was driving back to Santa Clarita from UCLA, where she was visiting her newborn twin daughters.  

Evans was pronounced dead at the scene on Golden Valley Road, according to officials.

Toxicology reports indicate Cina had a blood alcohol content almost three times the legal limit of .08 at the time of the crash.

Evans left behind her husband and six children: four boys, ages 12, 11, 9 and 2, as well as the twin girls. Her husband, Jacob Evans, partnered with KHTS in December to create two drunk driving PSA videos.

Cina will return on July 6 for an official sentencing hearing. She is expected to serve 10 years in state prison. The judge also said no bail would be set in the meantime and Cina will remain in custody until her hearing.

Ed. Note: A previous version of this story misidentified which charges Cina pleaded no contest to. Her no contest plea is to one count of gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated, as part of a plea deal with prosecutors.  

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Alexia Cina Expected To Serve 10 Years After DUI Crash That Killed Mother Of Six Katie Evans


  1. I’m outraged! 10 years? She’ll do what? 4 years of that? 6 children without their loving caring mother forever taken from them because of her thoughtless selfishness…

    • Yes she killed a mom. But all you pepole cant juge her cuz rember one think we all have sins. Lets say one of your sone killed 100 pepole those pepole had family’s. That kid is still your son who you love the girl dident mean to kill the mom it was a accident

  2. Rumor has it her entire entire family is saving up money to bail her out hopefully I know her bills 2.2 million hopefully she doesn’t get bailed out and take off this is tragic and just keeps happening over and over and over again in the state of California I’m sure other states also it just happens here in Santa Clarita way too often a bill being said at 2.2 million would be something over 200 something $5,000 to be bailed out hopefully she doesn’t why would anyone waste that money when she’s going to serve 10 years it doesn’t make sense unless they’re going to bail her out to Hyder that’s what I feel

    • Your right if she is bailed out, the only thing is prolong the sentence, or the time she has to serve. Big price to pay for a few days of freedom.

    • Do you know the family? It’s apparent you don’t have your facts. People are forgetting there was a third vehicle. The 3rd party collided with Evans… do the math.

    • The story indicates the judge in this case will not allow bail to be set and Cina will remain in jail until her sentencing. It really makes no sense to comment about an unfounded rumor that Cina’s family is trying to raise bail when it is clear that would be futile. As to the 10 year sentence, no sentence will ever be long enough for the pain and irreparable damage this young woman has wrought to the Evans family. My only hope is that they, the Evans family, continue to love each other and honor the memory of Katie.

  3. Sigh….Saddest story in Santa Clarita history.

  4. Such a tragedy on both sides. A young mother lost to her family forever and a beautiful young lady whose life is now ruined all because of alcohol.

  5. Is 10 years the max for pleading no contest to this crime ?

  6. I would be interested in learning how many years she will serve . We have so many early release programs. Doesn’t seem fair in exchange for a life.

    • Agree Dana! Most likely she will only serve about half of that time. Just not fair to the victims family. It’s not like they have to prove she killed this mother. Alexia made the choice to drink and drive. She should be held accountable for all charges no matter what “deal” she worked out with the court system. Sorry but this mother wasn’t given that opportunity and neither should Alexia.

    • Sadly, she will only serve about 50% of the sentence. When my husband was killed 18 mos ago by a drunk driver the DA told me point blank that with the bill that was recently passed she would only serve 1/2 the sentence. The drunk driver was close to the same age, BAC was .215, and it was her first offense. I asked the DA to offer the DUI causing Great bodily injury or death with got her a 7 year prison sentence but she has to serve 85% of the sentence and it is a strikable offense. Any way you look at it, it is not enough time!

  7. I’m one of 6 children and I lost my mother too when I was 2 years old to a drunk driver as well. I KNOW the pain of never having had my mother at my graduations, my wedding, the birth of my children and their accomplishments. It is painful beyond words. For this girl to get only 10 years and perhaps even less is a slap in the face to the husband and his 6 young children. My heart breaks for them. I’ll be moving out of California this summer, the laws here are just crazy, designed to protect the perpetrators, not the victims.

  8. My heart breaks for both families. 10 years in prison, 4 years in prison or life in prison isn’t going to bring back the mother of those children. Time spent in prison isn’t meaningful or constructive. It will accomplish nothing. Suspend the young girls driver’s license for 10 years or life, come up with a way to take her right to by alcohol away forever. Make her do community service to teach others what not to do. I don’t know, but putting people in jail for every crime is not a solution. Some crimes, yes. But this? And if I was her family, I would be doing what ever I could to spend one more day with her before going to prison. Three people, cousins, in my family have been killed by a dui driver. In three separate accidents. Imprisoning the driver of a first offense doesn’t heal the loss, it just adds to the grief. That it continues to happen? Adds to the grief.

    • I met Alexia in jail, I was wrongfully sent there and spent 4 weeks there before release. I can’t even tell you how sweet a girl she is. I met her on day 3 and she was the most kind and quiet girl. The kind that welcomed everyone and took care of them. She didn’t even want to discus with people why she was in there due to the remorse that she felt. She was a star student and had been offered a soccer scholarship and comes from a really great background. She was humble and had taken full responsibility for what she had done. She knew what it had done to her family and to the family of the victim. She will serve her time and honestly, every day in that hell hole feels like 10, so she’s getting what she ‘deserves’. Nothing will change what happened that fateful day, all that is happening now is that Alexia is left in jail, with her family also being torn apart, when she’s already remorseful beyond belief. it’s easy for people to sit back and have an opinion but knowing how that night will torment her for the rest of her life should give all of the Negative Nancies peace that shes paying for what she did. She is a beautiful, thoughtful, intelligent young woman and because of one mistake, many lives have been torn apart. You think that any sane person who accidentally kills someone doesn’t suffer? If you do, you’re crazy.

  9. There are devices that can be installed on every vehicle that prevents the vehicle from being started until the driver blows into a device. Sadly, they are not installed until someone has multiple DUI convictions.
    Let’s start with helping to make those devices mandatory on every vehicle. There are requirements to have smog devices installed on vehicles and smog tests to register vehicles, let’s insist devices to help prevent DUI’s are installed as well. Katie was a neighbor of mine and I use to see her walk around the block while very pregnant, with her youngest son by her side. Let’s take a tragic event and make something positive out of it. We have several National issues that started out of tragedies, like MADD and missing children on milk cartons etc, it would be nice to see a “Katie Device” installed.

  10. In mid October 2018 myself and my family drove down to Orlando, Florida from Charlotte, North Carolina. I could not believe how many drunk drivers we encountered on I-95 and I-4 ….not a single officer in sight, almost the entire way (never saw a single one on I-4 in Florida), and people couldn’t even stay in their lanes… there were a few people texting, but mostly you could clearly tell they were drunk as could be. Why are officers not catching these people? The government systems could totally profit off of all these drunk drivers …but where are all the officers???

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