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Home » Santa Clarita News » Daylight Saving Time Starts Sunday; Change Clocks Saturday Night
Daylight Saving Time Starts Sunday; Change Clocks Saturday Night

Daylight Saving Time Starts Sunday; Change Clocks Saturday Night

Daylight Saving Time begins Sunday this year, which means at 2 a.m., clocks will spring forward one hour and most residents will lose a little bit of sleep.

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The modern idea of daylight saving has been around since the 1890s, and it was first officially implemented by Germany and Austria-Hungary in 1916.Remember to set your clocks forward for Daylight Saving Time on Saturday night

Many countries have used it at various times since then, most consistently since the energy crises of the 1970s.

Along with changing clocks, Santa Clarita officials say it’s a good time to go over annual emergency preparedness procedures.

Donna Nuzzi, city of Santa Clarita emergency services supervisor, encourages community members to use this time to take some precautionary steps and prepare for an emergency around the house.

Emergency Preparedness Tips

  • Change the batteries in smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, flashlights and portable radios.

  • Check expiration dates on food and water supplies in your home emergency kits, car kits and work backpacks.

  • Evaluate your stored water inventory: one gallon of water per person for a recommended five to seven days. Remember that pets need water, too.

  • Make copies of important documentation. These copies should be stored on an external hard drive, online, in a safe deposit box or in a home fire safe.

  • Review your homeowner’s insurance policy declarations. Is there enough coverage? Are policy exclusions understood?

  • Check in on your out-of-state contact. This person can be used to relay information during an emergency.

  • Search your house for potential hazards during emergencies. Secure cabinets, TVs and computers. Keep heavy objects low, and strap water heaters to code.

  • Clear debris and leaves from rain gutters. Be prepared for storm weather.

  • Stay informed. Text SCEMERGENCY to 888777 to receive emergency messages from the City of Santa Clarita.

For more information on emergency preparedness tips, click here.

Outside of a potential loss of sleep, there are several tips for residents to help prepare for Daylight Saving Time, according to


Our bodies follow a 24-hour pattern, and an hour’s difference can disrupt the body’s natural rhythms, potentially causing sleep deprivation, irritability, headaches and other health hazards. University of Alabama researchers found that setting clocks forward one hour is associated with a 10 percent increase in the risk of heart attacks, according to Science Daily.  

Daylight Saving tips for parents

Sally Farhat Kassab of Today Moms also offers three Daylight Saving Time tips for parents, because Daylight Saving Time isn’t the easiest sell for kids, she said..

“I know what’s going to happen in my house: It won’t be dark yet at my son’s bedtime, it will ‘feel’ earlier to him — and he’ll put up a big old fuss when it’s time to hit the hay at 7:30 p.m.

Are you anticipating the same bedtime battle with your kids? We asked Dr. Judith Owens, director of sleep medicine at Children’s National Medical Centerin Washington, D.C., how to make this weekend’s transition easier. Here are her three top tips:

Think of it like jet lag

‘Traveling west to east is more challenging than traveling in the east to west direction,’ she says. ‘That is because the human circadian clock is actually a little longer than 24 hours, so it’s easier for us to stay up later than to fall asleep earlier in relation to our usual bedtime.’ She suggests figuring at least one day per time zone crossed to adjust to the new time zone or time change, which means the biggest impact will be on Sunday night when kids might have a hard time falling asleep.

Take it back a baby step

Owens says parents should move bedtime back by small 10-15 minute the few days before the time change. She also suggest moving daytime activities, like mealtime or naptime, up as well.

Be strategic with light

“Timing of light exposure is also important,” Owens says. “If you want to move up their sleep schedule, increase light exposure in the morning and make his room darker in the evening.”

To ease your transition into the new season, try these five tips for Daylight Saving Time:

Go to bed earlier.

Get ready for the time change a few days in advance by going to sleep 30 minutes earlier. Hitting the hay half an hour earlier will prepare your internal clock for waking up an hour earlier on Monday. By making this extra effort, your body won’t have to fight against the extra 20 or 30 minutes of sleep it wants.

Adjust your clock the day before.

If you have a relaxed schedule on Saturday, set your clocks forward earlier in the day. Shifting the times of daily activities and meals can help prepare for the adjustment.

Get a good night’s sleep.

Try not to nap during the weekend, and avoid alcohol, caffeine, nicotine or any other substances that can affect your ability to fall asleep, WebMD suggests.

Don’t forget to work out.

Remember to exercise. Avoid strenuous workouts close to bedtime, since they may make it more difficult to fall asleep, WebMD recommends.

Be productive Sunday morning.

On Sunday morning, avoid laziness. Expose yourself to as much sunlight as you can. Not only will it boost your energy levels, but it will also make you more alert.



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Source: Santa Clarita News

Daylight Saving Time Starts Sunday; Change Clocks Saturday Night

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