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Deadly Pass-Out Game Making A Comeback

Local students still playing deadly challenge game.


It’s called “pass out,” “Space Cowboy,” the “sleeper hold” and “blackout” but the result can be fatal.

The game, which can be played individually or with a partner, involves a person passing out after depriving their brain of oxygen and getting a rush when the blood surges back into the brain. It’s not new and has been around for a long time, but that – or its potential consequences – hasn’t deterred young people from playing.


Recently teachers and administrators in local junior high schools noticed more students participating in the game and lectured several about the dangers of seeking the temporary rush, which caused the death of a local student as recently as 2006.


If you think your child is participating in this dangerous practice, talk with them about the very real risks. Additional information is available by clicking here and here .


Deadly Pass-Out Game Making A Comeback

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