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Dummy Gets Hand Blown Off By Fireworks

Sheriff’s display the dangers of 4th of July fireworks

ImageIn a startling display of the power firecrackers can have, a Sheriff’s Department explosives expert blew the left hand off of a dummy in front of the Westfield Town Center. 


The presentation was part of a large press conference organized by the Los Angeles County Fire Department, the Sheriff’s Department, the City of Santa Clarita, and the Westfield Town Center.


Sheriff’s Captain Anthony La Berge commented that the Sheriff’s Department will have extra deputies on patrol, and they’ll be on the lookout for people lighting fireworks of their own. If they are caught, then they could receive a fine and have their fireworks confiscated. Of course, explosive fireworks, like the one the dummy was holding, are a felony, and bring a much harsher punishment. 


And the dangers aren’t just limited to personal injury. Fire officials pointed to the current raging fire in Lake Tahoe as an example of how dangerous one little spark can be.

Southern California is currently coming off of an extremely dry winter, and the Fire Season came early this year, according to Jason Hurd of the LA County Fire Department.


Another thing the Fire and Sheriff’s Department warned people to keep in mind is that every time emergency responders rush to a call about fireworks, it takes them away from responding to other, potentially more serious calls.


All in all, the best way to partake in the 4th of July firework fun will be to catch one of the professional firework shows scheduled around Santa Clarita, according to Gail Ortiz, Public Relations Officer for the City of Santa Clarita.


As usual, a huge fireworks show will be put on at the Westfield Town Center on the evening of the 4th of July.      


A perfectly good dummy holding a firecracker

The explosion (notice that the dummy was stuffed with red ribbon}

The afermath of a hand-less dummy


Sheriff’s Captain La Berge


Dummy Gets Hand Blown Off By Fireworks

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