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Early Christmas Shoppers Beware

Recalls of products are being ordered by the CPSC just before the holidays

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has ordered many recalls this past year on toys and other products because of health hazards or safety code violations.


Spin Master has recalled approximately 4.2 million of their “Aqua Dots” because the beads contain a chemical that turns toxic when ingested by children.  Schylling Associates has recalled about 1,300 of their “Dizzy Ducks” music boxes for an excess of lead paint used in the product, just to name a few of the recalls that have happened this month.


Parents are advised to be cautious before purchasing gifts this holiday season and to stay conscious of consumer reports.


You can sign up for e-mail announcements from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission by going to their website by clicking here. You can get updates on the latest recalls by toy companies or any other product.

Early Christmas Shoppers Beware

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