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Editorial: Antonovich Not Helping Santa Clarita

The following is a KHTS Editorial:

Los Angeles County Supervisor Michael Antonovich does not have YOUR interest at heart.

Supervisor Antonovich is actively fighting to keep the most easterly portion of the Santa Clarita Valley, Stonecrest, from annexing into the City of Santa Clarita. Like a smooth politician, he speaks from both sides of his mouth. The Supervisor claims he’s against the Cemex Mega-mine, yet he’s fighting Stonecrest Annexation. Annexation will provide a critical weapon for our City to continue to fight Cemex. A fight the County won’t take on. Annexing Stonecrest will provide a "bridge" for the City to annex the Cemex mine, giving the City a powerful tool in fighting the expansion of the mine

Antonovich claims to be neutral on Stonecrest, yet his actions are the opposite. He’s holding meetings, distributing propaganda, saying it’s for informational purposes. Surprising, when the County has never before opposed annexation of any neighborhood on the east side of the Five. KHTS urges you to let the Supervisor know you’re upset with him.

The City needs Stonecrest to help fight the proposed Cemex mega-mine. Ask Supervisor Antonovich to support the annexation of Stonecrest, instead of fighting it. KHTS gives a GIGANTIC thumbs down to Antonovich.

Editorial: Antonovich Not Helping Santa Clarita

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