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Editorial: Bob Kellar Is Getting A Raw Deal

What follows is an editorial written by KHTS AM-1220 co-owner Carl Goldman:

 My wife Jeri and I have known Bob Kellar since we moved to Santa Clarita eighteen years ago. Throughout the years, Bob and I have served on boards together and worked through dozens of natural disasters; earthquakes, fires, floods. We’ve fought behind the scenes to keep dumps, mega-mines and bad developments out of our Valley. We’ve joined Bob as he’s pulled up his sleeves and reached into his pockets for so many of our local charities.

I’ve competed against Bob in blood races to see who could drain the fastest for the Red Cross. I’ve traveled with him to Washington D.C. and Sacramento as we lobbied for improvements for Henry Mayo hospital, our schools, roads, water and open space.

While we agree on most issues, there are a number we disagree on. I could be diplomatic and say Bob is a little more conservative than I am. But that would be a lie. Bob is much more conservative than I am. But even when we disagree, I admire Bob for his passion and his convictions. He is a man who is true to his word. Who is open to admitting when he is wrong and sticking with his convictions when he feels he is in the right, even when it may not be politically wise to do so.

That’s why so many community leaders have come to me in recent days to tell me Bob isn’t getting a fair shake in the press.  Bob is being attacked for making a simple mistake while filling out a very confusing Fair Political Practices Commission Form. He has admitted his mistake and corrected it. What more could you ask for?

Yet it amazes me that no one is speaking up in his defense. No one is pointing to all the incredibly positive things Bob has done and continues to do for our Valley over the years. It’s ironic. Bob is being attacked by a political liberal activist over his finances, when I know for a fact Bob has sacrificed his business, year after year, by giving his time, heart and soul to his job as Councilmember and Mayor. There is no one else in our Valley who has made as big a sacrifice. If it wasn’t for Bob’s tireless behind the scenes efforts, we’d most likely have a mega-mine right now. You may not be aware that he has been the main driving force in leading the city in the battle against Cemex.
I could recite a list of all Bob’s accomplishments, but that would take longer than the last charity auction we both attended and might even be more painful to those listening or reading this right now. KHTS doesn’t need that kind of tune out. Kidding aside, without Bob Kellar our Valley would not be the kind of community we all love and call our home. My wife Jeri and I are ready to lead the charge to make certain Bob is re-elected to our City Council. We’re proud to be the voice defending the areas Bob is being politically attacked on. I hope you’ll join us in our support of Bob Kellar.

Editorial: Bob Kellar Is Getting A Raw Deal

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