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Valencia Water Conservation Co. Drought Reports Now Online

Valencia Water Conservation Co. Drought Reports Now Online

Valencia Water Co. officials announced Monday “personal drought reports” are now available online to help customers lessen the impacts of the drought and meet Gov. Jerry Brown’s call to reduce water usage by 20 percent. 

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Interactive charts available online depict a customer’s monthly water usage for the year and compare it to 2013, also giving a 20-percent reduction target.

The first drought reports were mailed to 26,000 customers in May, when they received their individual water-saving targets.   

“The personal drought report is a tremendous tool for our customers – they are using these highly individualized numbers and other services we provide to save water during the drought,” said Keith Abercrombie, Valencia Water Co. general manager. “As long as the drought is impacting us, Valencia Water Co. will keep looking for innovative ways to help our customers meet the 20 percent goal.”

Click here for more information on the Valencia’s Water Conservation reports. 

Creating an online account helps keep track on their online personal drought report and progress tracking tool by providing specific numbers and making it easier for the user to understand in terms of gallons.

For a single-family home, a 20 percent reduction rate would mean, on average, they’d be conserving about 500-750 gallons a week.

Through a program called Webconnect, the customer is able to create an online account that is not only easy to set up but allows customers to view their monthly water allocations, pay their bill and much more, officials said.

“We want to provide customers with as much information as possible,” Dickens said, “to provide this much detail to customers and the level of detail too customers, we provide great service.”  

Drought reports also provide customers simple ways in reducing their weekly or monthly water use without affecting their everyday lives. By reducing irrigation times, taking shorter showers and turning off the faucet when washing their hands or teeth can all be ways to save up to 700 or more gallons each week, officials said.

Water leaks are also another way residents are able to save since 10 percent of all homes have leaks that waste an estimate of about 90 gallons of water each day. Leaking toilets can also waste in between 200 through 6,000 gallons a day and by replacing a worn toilet flapper that costs $5 dollars only takes five minutes to repair save monthly costs.

“Valencia Water Co. customers are answering the call to save water during the drought. We thank them for their efforts so far. However, we still have a long way to go to reach the 20 percent goal set by the state,” said Matt Dickens, Valencia Water Company’s Resource Conservation Manager. “The online drought report will continue to remind customers of a very specific number they need to reach on a monthly basis.”

Dickens advises his current residential customers to take the time check their personal drought report online, take advantage on their rebates on high- efficient fixtures and by attending a free WaterSmart and DroughtSmart irrigation workshop as all attendees will be given $20 dollar credit on their next bill.     

“It’s time to invest in reliable, proven water-saving devices for the home – and to take the little steps that add up to huge volumes of water saved. The drought is providing all of us an opportunity to take measures now that help protect our long-term water future in California,” Dickens said

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Valencia Water Conservation Co. Drought Reports Now Online

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