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Santa Clarita Valley Outdoor Report: Oak Tale

Santa Clarita Valley Outdoor Report: Oak Tale

This Valley Oak tree at the Bridgeport Marketplace was a least 150 years old when it collapsed last April.  Put in the context of U.S. history, it was ancient – a mere sapling when Lincoln was president.  But put in the context of its own species, with a lifespan of about 300-400 years – it was a middle-aged tree.

Photo courtesy: James Farley

As you can see from this recent photograph, it’s not dead yet.  At least one of it’s branches is still alive and growing.


Which raises the question:  How do oak trees regenerate?

We know from observing the aftermath of a wildfire that oak regrowth can and does occur.  According to David Carle in “Introduction to Fire in California”, “Many oaks respond to burning by sprouting from their bases, but also from the branches of the scorched tree.”

Here’s an example of branch sprouting, that occurred in Towsley Canyon after the Simi fire of October, 2003:

But, if you take a closer look at the photos of the Bridgeport Oak tree, you’ll notice that the base sprounting began BEFORE the collapse, not after.  Why?  Did the tree somehow sense that something was wrong?

According to this Michigan State University website, “Often times, sprouts and suckers will not grow until the parent tree dies or becomes very sick.”   And this tree was sick – in 2005, an arborist gave it a D grade, “which meant it was not likely to survive.”

Taking a closer look at the trunk gives us a hint as to why.  The interior of the tree trunk was hollow.  According to arborist Wayne Cahilly, “Decay or hollows near the base of the tree are often associated with decay in the roots as well…Hollows associated with root problems often occur after root damage or damage to the base of the tree. Root damage may, in turn, affect the vigor of the tree.”


I’m not an arborist, so I hesitate to give a prognosis.  But I wonder if the remaining trunk will be strong enough to support this sprout.

It may be too early to write the ending to this oak tale.  Perhaps we need to give the tree a bit more time, to see if any root sprouts appear next year. 


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Santa Clarita Valley Outdoor Report: Oak Tale

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