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Santa Clarita Valley Outdoor Report: Wendy’s Diner

This is a “Best of Wendy Langhans” Report

Restaurant menu’s vary from basic comfort food to fancy signature dishes.  But plain or fancy, most restaurants offers seasonal specials.  Just imagine June without strawberry pie or October without pumpkin pie.  The same is true at Wendy’s Diner, the name we have given to the bird feeders on our front porch.  With the onset of fall in a few weeks, it’s time for a change in the menu.  But what kind of change?

Our year-round residents, such as Anna’s hummingbirds, will be happy to note we continue to offer our signature dish – a nectar feeder. And Wendy’s Diner has a “A” sanitation rating – we clean the nectar feeder with boiling water at least once a week.


This season we are introducing a new and improved “Natural Foods” nectar.  Our creative staff of birdfeeder chefs are experimenting with a new recipe from  “four parts hot water to one part white sugar, boiled for one to two minutes”.   We know that our hummingbird customers are attracted to the color red, but we hope you’ll give our new product a try. 

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For my gourmet insect and seed feeding customers, we’re offering a fall/winter seasonal special – a giant granola bar for birds designed especially for birds.  We hope you like our suet special – a high calorie mixture of fat, nuts and seeds.  Our presentation has changed as well – a switch from a hollow tube holding a free-flowing mixture of seeds to a cage-like design.



Because we are still expecting some hot days this fall, we are currently offering a commercial, “no drip” product.  Later this winter, we will be trying out some new suet recipes.

We here at Wendy’s Diner appreciate our customers.  Since so many of you “birds visit feeders … in the early morning and again just before dusk”, we will continue offering our “early bird specials”.  However, our customers will not need to show their AARP card to take advantage of these specials.  After all, you are the original early birds, aren’t you?


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Santa Clarita Valley Outdoor Report: Wendy’s Diner

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